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Jet Car Stunts 2 Review
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Jet Car Stunts 2, the follow-up to True Axis’ hardcore racing platformer, is now available from the app store. Featuring new vehicles, new modes, tons of challenging levels, and even a level editor, Jet Car Stunts 2 offers a wealth of new content to satisfy fans of the original who have waited more than 4 years for this sequel.

Jet Car Stunts 2 Pros:

  • Same hardcore platforming as the original with new modes, new vehicles, and even a level editor
  • Environments look even more polished and sharper than before while retaining the same fantasy feel
  • Spot-on tilt controls and rechargeable jet fuel
  • Tons of levels and leaderboards with viewable replays of other gamers
  • Multiple difficulty settings for each course

Jet Car Stunts 2 Cons:

  • Could use some background music
  • Steep difficulty curve
  • IAP model can be a bit confusing

Just like the first iteration, you’ll drive speedy cars atop floating roadways high above the Earth, utilizing rocket boosters to propel your vehicle over lengthy gaps and reach the end point as quickly as possible. Race types include Platforming, Time Trial, Race, and Freestyle. Platforming levels are really the bread-and-butter of the game, offering opportunities for challenging twists, turns, and gravity-defying jumps. Time Trial tasks you with reaching the goal within pre-defined times to earn gold, silver, or bronze medals, while Race mode pits you against AI-controlled opponents in multi-lap affairs to see who can cross the end line first. Freestyle puts you in a skate-park setting, complete with ramps, rails, half pipes and the like and asks you to perform crazy stunts for points within a set timeframe. All courses include Medium and Hard difficulty levels that change gameplay in subtle ways to increase the challenge for players who may have found it simple to earn gold on the Easy setting. In addition to these changes, other aspects of the game have been tweaked for more enjoyment, such as jet fuel that recharges while not being used, as opposed to only replenishing when you go through checkpoints. The jet controls have also been tweaked a bit to make their use more realistic, though slightly more challenging. You can even alter how the reset button works, which is a much appreciated addition. We’ve been fans of JCS since its release in 2009, so it’s safe to say that we’ve been having a blast with all of the new content.

Graphically, Jet Car Stunts 2 retains the same style as the original, though everything looks a bit more polished and sharper. Six types of vehicles provide different weights, speeds, acceleration patterns, and so on, so it’ll take a while to get the hang of each. The physics are fantastic, and the tilt controls are spot-on. There are buttons on the right for acceleration and brake/reverse, while the jet button and air brakes reside on the left. Tilting also works in mid-air, allowing you to nose up or down to climb or dive, as well as roll and spin for bonus points in Freestyle. The engine-growling, jet-blasting, and tire-screeching sound effects sound a lot like those used in the original, and there isn’t really a soundtrack to speak of. The level editor is a lot of fun to use, placing track under your car as your drive around wherever you like. Tilting allows you to create dips and inclines, while turning track on and off with a dedicated button allows you to create gaps. It’s not as robust as we might have liked, but it gets the job done and lets gamers exercise their creative side.

Replay value is fantastic, as each level maintains global leaderboards and even allows you to check out replays of top finishers to see the creative shortcuts they’ve discovered and ensure no one is cheating. The level editor should keep people busy for a while, and being able to play levels created by other users guarantees that you’ll never run out of fresh content. Of course, most of the cool stuff will require IAP, as the game’s free admission only gets you about a dozen levels and the opportunity to try out the editor without the option to save or play levels from other gamers. The IAPs are broken down into several categories, allowing gamers who may only be interested in one mode type or another to buy just what they like. However, we suggest simply snagging the Mega Pack for $4.99, which gives you access to everything the game has to offer. If you even remotely liked the original JCS, you owe it to yourself to take the plunge. Jet Car Stunts 2 is a 4.5-Dimple universal app.

Jet Car Stunts 2 Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2014-01-07T21:49:24+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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