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Pocket God: Ooga Jump Review
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Pocket God: Ooga Jump, an endless jumper set in the Pocket God universe, has been released by Bolt Creative and is now available on the app store. Looking like a skinned version of Doodle Jump, Ooga Jump incorporates a lot of the fun nuances that made Pocket God so enjoyable while providing fans a full-fledged spin-off in its own right.

Pocket God: Ooga Jump Pros:

  • Colorful visuals that bring back characters and obstacles from the Pocket God universe
  • Variety of enemies to avoid and gems to collect
  • Island-themed soundtrack is catchy and controls are easy to use
  • GameCenter integration for leaderboards and achievements to earn

Pocket God: Ooga Jump Cons:

  • Feels like skinned version of Doodle Jump
  • Tilt controls could be a bit more sensitive
  • Item pricing is too expensive

You control a little pygmy, whose initial burst sends him skyward among a series of densely-packed stone platforms that become fairly sparse as he ascends. It would have been cool to fling the pygmy into the air to start, a familiar maneuver from the early days of Pocket God that feels like a lost opportunity. Regardless, once he is airborne, you’ll need to tilt your device to line the pygmy up with the small platforms to continue rising higher and higher.  You can even exit one side of the screen and re-enter on the opposite side. The pygmy doesn’t jump all that high, though a screen tap will allow him to perform a slam bounce that gives him a little more height. There are springy flowers that also put some bounce in his step, and collectible gems put some wind in his sails, too. The gems act as a form of currency that can be traded for Artifacts, Start Boosts, Objective Skips, Skins, and Themes, as well as a second chance after you begin plummeting from above a designated height. Unfortunately, most of these items are priced well beyond the range of reasonability, so their use will seldom factor into your gaming experience unless you fork over more cash. There is a mission system that allows you to complete objectives to earn more gems, but it doesn’t do nearly enough to offset the cost of the items. A variety of obstacles from the world of Pocket God will attempt to derail the pygmy’s journey, such as a monkey that chases you, red ants, robots, meteors, and much more. The death animations are whimsical and fun, offering the opportunity to watch the pygmy plummet back to the island from whence he started.

Graphically, the game does a fantastic job of replicating one of the stalwarts from the early days of the App Store, providing a nostalgic feel for those of us who were gaming on iOS before it was called iOS. The colorful visuals and myriad ways to lose your pygmy are fun for gamers and discovering unexpected twists along the way is enjoyable. The soundtrack has an upbeat tempo, featuring an island feel marked by steel drums. Controls utilize the accelerometer, though moving your pygmy from side to side doesn’t feel quite as responsive as we’d like. Sensitivity controls are sadly absent. The slam bounce tap worked without issue. Replay value is present if you are a huge fan of either Pocket God or Doodle Jump, but there wasn’t really enough here to get us wildly excited. GameCenter integration provides leaderboards and more than a dozen achievements to earn. A universal app for $0.99, Pocket God: Ooga Jump is a 3.5-Dimple app.

Pocket God: Ooga Jump Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2013-11-03T15:56:56+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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