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Pocket Titans Review
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Pocket Titans, an RPG puzzle-adventure from Kumotion and Noisy Orc Games, is now available from the app store. Featuring clever control mechanics, loot to find/purchase, and interesting strategic gameplay, Pocket Titans may be a short adventure, but it’s certainly an enjoyable one.

Pocket Titans Pros:

  • Clever control mechanic offers strategic opportunities
  • Nice variety of abilities and gear to acquire
  • Lots of enemies to battle and titans to unlock
  • Charming, colorful graphics and simple animations appeal to gamers of all ages
  • GameCenter integration provides leaderboards and achievements to earn

Pocket Titans Cons:

  • Campaign is pretty short
  • AI could be stronger

You take control of eight tiny titans, taking a pair or trio into battle against orcs, goblins, elementals, skeletons, and other baddies. There is a mage, a warrior, a ranger, a healer, a rogue, a warlock, and more from which to choose, with only the first couple available from the start. Titans differ in their attack abilities (ranged vs. melee), as well as their attack direction (horizontal/vertical vs. diagonal). Each titan has specific abilities and attributes, and collectible loot allows you to enhance power, speed, and stamina. Loot can be purchased from the shop with coins earned for defeating enemies. Occasionally, loot will also be found when an enemy is vanquished or obtained from a treasure chest at the end of a level.  In Story mode, you’ll traverse across 4 distinct locales and encounter 30 different enemy types, each with his own attack style and strength. There are also five boss battles in which to engage. Battles are turn-based, allowing you two move points in which to position your titans. Battles play out on a 5x5 grid upon which the rows or columns can be rotated to move both good guys and enemies into an attack position or out of harm’s way. Once you complete your moves, combat ensues, with characters using appropriate abilities to do the most damage to their foes. Most levels ask you to kill all enemies, while a handful sees you protecting civilians from losing their lives. Once your turn is complete, the enemy can make two moves, repositioning the players to his liking. If one of your titans dies, he is lost for the rest of the round and can no longer help you to win. If your remaining titan(s) defeat the enemies, any fallen titan is resurrected. Experience is earned for each vanquished foe and for completing levels. Leveling up your characters will increase their attributes and make them more formidable opponents in future battles.

Graphically, Pocket Titans has a bold, colorful look. Coupled with simple animations, it would be appropriate for gamers of all ages. Helpful tutorial info is available to orient you to the game’s workings, and tapping on characters allows you to access info regarding their attribute ratings, abilities, and gear. The movement mechanics are similar to those seen in games like Chuzzle, and the strategy involved with finding appropriate positionings gives the game a chess-like feel. It would have been nice to select which ability to use or to choose which opponent to attack (given that you’ll often find yourself able to attack multiple foes), but the light-hearted nature of the game paired with a relatively simple difficulty curve ensures that your inability to make such decisions shouldn’t impair your ability to win most matches the first time around. The soundtrack is charming and the sound effects are decent. The characters don’t speak when their subtitles appear, but they do make unintelligible noises which can be a little annoying. Also, there is no global skip option to move past an entire conversation. You’ll have to tap the screen for each subtitle box to continue. Controls are smooth and you can easily undo a move if necessary.

Replay value is good, as you can grind for coins to buy better gear as necessary, though the balancing seems to allow you to get through the campaign without needing to resort to purchasing anything from the shop or spending any real money. There is a multiplayer option that allows you to take on other gamers through GameCenter, as well. This is a welcome addition, as the AI could stand to be a little stronger. GameCenter integration also provides a pair of leaderboards (Multiplayer Points and Orcs Defeated), as well as more than a dozen achievements to snare. A universal app for $0.99, Pocket Titans is a cute 4-Dimple offering.

Pocket Titans Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2013-10-20T19:03:59+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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