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Sprinkle Islands Review
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Sprinkle Islands, the follow-up release to the casual fire-fighting game from Mediocre AB, is now available from the app store. Bringing back the fantastic water physics, ultra-cute graphics, and clever puzzle design from the original, Sprinkle Islands does little in the sequel to mess with their hit formula.

Sprinkle Islands Pros:

  • Cute cartoony environments and realistic water physics
  • Soundtrack is sweet and upbeat
  • Controls are simplified and easier to use
  • Puzzle design is clever
  • GameCenter integration for global leaderboards

Sprinkle Islands Cons:

  • May be a little too casual for some gamers

Sprinkle Islands offers 48 levels spread across 4 environments, each capped by a boss battle. Your goal in each level is to put out any and all fires that have resulted from burning trash raining down upon the Island of Titan. You control a wooden cart with a fire hose attached to a ladder. Whereas the original game allowed you to raise and lower the ladder independent of your ability to change the nozzle angle, Sprinkle Islands simplifies this control by combining them. Now, as you raise or lower the ladder, the nozzle automatically shifts to a pre-defined position. In addition to controlling the hose elevation, you also have a big red button that initiates the flow of water, which will cease again when the button is released. Your water supply is limited and you are scored on your ability to put out all fires using the minimal amount of water. Some fires are out in the open, while others will require you to activate buttons, push objects, open/close doors, and the like in order to allow the water to reach the flames. The puzzles are clever, though not all that difficult, making the game appropriate for players of all ages. Once all nearby fires have been extinguished, your wooden cart will drive to a new location within the level to put our more fires, another fun addition that differentiates it from the original. Boss battles see you taking on the likes of a giant octopus that spits flaming balls at you.

Graphically, the colorful and cartoony locations look even better than they did in the first iteration, while the level design is well-conceived and the animations are smooth. The fluid dynamics remain some of the best we’ve seen, as the water behaves realistically and has that signature shimmer that you’d expect. The fire, similarly, dances in tantalizing ways and requires a certain amount of watery contact before it is snuffed out. The soundtrack is syrupy sweet, meshing well with the art style. Controls are easier to use than in the original, allowing you to control all fire truck functionality with your left thumb and control water flow with your right. It is intuitive enough for kids to handle with ease. Replay value is good, as you’ll require multiple tries on some levels to earn all 5 water droplets that represent the most efficient use of water. GameCenter provides a handful of leaderboards, though no achievements. A universal app for $1.99, Sprinkle Islands is a terrific 4.5-Dimple game.

Sprinkle Islands Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2013-07-12T01:54:15+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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