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Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn Review
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Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn, a Borderlands-style FPS developed by Freyr Games, is now available from the app store. After a rocky start that saw the original release pulled for several months, Black Dawn is back with a new moniker, better visuals, and the same great gameplay that attracted gamers in the first place.

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn Pros:

  • Terrific colorful 3D environments with futuristic weaponry and lots of loot drops
  • Single-player campaign, as well as online co-op and PvP modes
  • Controls are familiar, and a handful of menus allow you easy access to all the game has to offer
  • Skill points allow you to upgrade character in a variety of ways and lots of combos
  • GameCenter integration for achievements to earn

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn Cons:

  • Can get repetitive; mission difficulty isn’t terribly challenging
  • Controls are a bit clunky; easy to misfire when attempting to aim

You take on the role of a bounty hunter in a sci-fi Western locale, using a plethora of wild weaponry to dispatch strange alien creatures and complete random missions. As you complete these tasks, you’ll collect lots of loot, earn a good deal of XP, and acquire all sorts of weapons with varying attributes related to damage, accuracy, fire rate, and reload speed. Experience allows you to improve your character stats in order to take on more difficult foes. It runs the risk of getting repetitive and the mission difficulty isn’t all that challenging, but the fun FPS gameplay mixed with the excitement of snagging a kick ass weapon only a simple kill away keeps us coming back for more. Additionally, Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn offers a co-op multiplayer mode that allows you and another player to battle baddies in tandem. Pair up with a buddy who totes some high-powered weaponry and you’ll share in his glory all the same. Success in multiplayer directly affects your single-player campaign character, giving you the opportunity to rank up faster by teaming up. You also get multiple save slots and there are 4 character classes to choose from, each offering a different play style and focus to give you alternative ways to approach the game.

Graphically, the 3D environments are fairly big with lots of open space and pockets of enemies spread around. Everything is very colorful and the weapons all look futuristic and dangerous. A radar at the screen top indicates the presence of enemies, which can be expanded to a full map. Your inventory system allows you to easily swap out items, and the limited slots force you to make strategic decisions about which weapons to keep and which to drop. Animations are decent and the whole presentation works well on a touchscreen device. The enemy AI isn’t the best, though try to take on baddies a few levels above your pay grade or whip out an underpowered weapon and you’re toast regardless of the cleverness of your attacker. The soundtrack is average, with plenty of sound effects that fit the game’s mood and aesthetic. Controls are pretty standard for the genre, allowing you to move by using an invisible joypad in the lower left corner, to aim by swiping in the right side of the screen, and to control shooting, reloading, grenade-tossing, and more with specific buttons in the lower right corner.

Replay value is very good, as 4-player co-op is a major draw, loot collecting is addicting, and leveling up your character to beast mode stats is a good deal of fun. You can spend skill points to mix and match for tons of unique character combos. The re-release even comes with an 8-player PvP mode that was missing from the original release. iCloud support gives you the ability to save your progress across devices, too. A universal app for $2.99, Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn is a 4-Dimple offering.

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2013-07-02T01:30:26+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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