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Siegecraft TD Review
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Siegecraft TD, a tower-defense collaboration between Blowfish Studios and Crescent Moon Games, is now available from the app store. Featuring a gorgeous aesthetic, open-path gameplay, and even a turn-based asynchronous multiplayer mode, Siegecraft TD brings something new and exciting to the table.

Siegecraft TD Pros:

  • Beautiful 3D environments with lots of color and terrific lighting/shadow effects
  • Soundtrack has a neat fantasy feel
  • Controls are simple to use and allow camera to be manipulated in multiple ways
  • Asynchronous turn-based multiplayer mode for up to 4 players, in addition to 20-level campaign
  • GameCenter integration for global leaderboards and achievements to earn

Siegecraft TD Cons:

  • Creature and knight voices are grating after a short while
  • Hard to see creep health bars or towers inflicting damage unless zoomed in closely

Siegecraft TD provides both a 20-level single-player campaign and an intriguing online multiplayer mode that allows gamers to exercise offensive and defensive control against up to 3 other players in turn-based asynchronous combat. Campaign levels are rarely straightforward, incorporating bridges and tunnels that naturally wend creeps around the board. Later levels also force you to defend more than one entrance and exit point to increase the challenge as your Knights of Freemoi protect their sheep from waves of Lizardmen. You’ll need to establish towers upon the gridded surface, with best results forcing the creeps into even more convoluted marching patterns to allow for maximum exposure to your defenses. Gold is earned for killing creatures, with an even larger windfall at wave’s end. Gold remaining at the end of a level contributes to your experience level, with each level up unlocking a new tower type for use. In addition to your typical ballistas, catapults, and slowdown towers, you’ll also enjoy lava towers, grinders, hammers, magnifiers, dragon towers, wizard towers, and more. Gold is also used to upgrade towers during the game (sadly, each can only be upgraded to a third level), with a finite number of additional wall pieces available for use free-of-charge to aid in funneling creeps along your chosen path. Little footsteps appear to indicate the path that the creeps will take, so you can always anticipate how best to set up your towers. Airborne enemies have a similar flight pattern indicator. When placing towers and upgrading, the creeps will pause until you complete your selection, which is a nice feature.

Multiplayer is quite impressive, as you play upon a map that is broken into several provinces. Some are controlled by other players, while others are controlled by Lizardmen. You engage in both defensive and offensive phases, defending your controlled regions from waves of lizards before choosing from a selection of maneuvers including attacking other provinces, training knights, building mines, and the like. Enemies get harder to defeat as you progress and there’s plenty of room for strategic moves that make this mode a lot of fun. You’ll need to conquer your opponents or outlast them as their sheep are whittled away by lizards. When you take over a province from an opponent, you inherit their setup and gold, forcing you to do adapt to their setup as you continue to fight off lizards. You even receive passive bonuses for occupying the center province. It’s a pretty dense challenge that probably could have been its own game, and definitely worth checking out.

Graphically, the 3D visuals look fantastic, and you are given full control of the camera to zoom in tight for a better look, as well as pan with single-finger swipes or rotate with double-finger swipes to tailor the angle to your liking. There are multiple environments in which to fight, providing interesting backdrops to the action. Lighting and real-time shadow effects offer additional eye candy. The main menu allows you to pan across the land and see the difference in locales, which is neat. The animations are good, though it can be a little hard to see individual health bars or the granular effects of your towers as they inflict damage. The soundtrack is enjoyable, with a fantasy-feel. Creeps noises and occasional voiceover comments add to the overall package, but it gets to be grating after a short while. Controls allow you to select between drag ‘n’ drop, point ‘n’ build, and tower ‘n’ position to find a style that fits you. Grid squares are highlighted as you move towers over the landscape, indicating legitimate building spots with green hues and unacceptable positions with red hues. The look of each tower changes significantly with each upgrade to indicate a more powerful tower than the default.

Replay value is very good, especially given the multiplayer option. There are also endless single-player levels available to test your survival ability. Each level can be played at Easy or Hard difficulty levels for a varying challenge and the option to earn more gold to unlock towers at a quicker clip. GameCenter integration offers a couple dozen leaderboards and a few dozen achievements to earn. A universal app for $2.99, Siegecraft TD is a terrific 4-Dimple release.

Siegecraft TD Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2013-06-28T02:41:30+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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