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League of Evil 3 Review
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League of Evil 3, the third iteration in Ravenous Games’ hardcore speedrun platformer series, is now available from the app store. Offering more than 80 new levels, video replays through Everyplay, and a handful of new and challenging obstacles, League of Evil 3 is back with the same vim and vigor of the previous two versions.

League of Evil 3 Pros:

  • Clean, hand-drawn art style with a variety of environments
  • Soundtrack is catchy
  • Controls are extremely tight and responsive
  • Gameplay is ridiculously challenging and satisfying
  • GameCenter integration for global leaderboards and achievements to earn

League of Evil 3 Cons:

  • Difficulty spikes will be too much for some to handle
  • Doesn’t feel significantly different from previous version

The Agent returns to continue his vendetta against the many faces of science in over 80 bite-sized levels that span 4 distinct environments. Using left/right buttons for movement and jump and attack buttons to avoid obstacles and destroy foes, The Agent must maneuver through tight spaces, up walls, and around (or through) enemies in search of the Scientist at the end of the level. Your goal is to reach him as quickly as possible and bash his bespectacled face in to earn a three-star time. As you approach and ready your attack, the Scientist will momentarily cower in fear before being exploded into red chunks at the fists or feet of our hero. Each level also contains a hidden suitcase for you to collect for an additional challenge.  Spinning wall blades offer a crazy new challenge, forcing you to wall-jump around them and keep horizontal leaps low to avoid becoming a red smear upon its whirring stainless steel. Everyplay video replays are also introduced in the third installment, allowing you to save a particularly exciting run and upload it to Everyplay’s web site for viewing by other gamers. You can even trim the clip and add voiceover as you see fit. Otherwise, there aren’t a whole lot of noticeable changes, which is fine with us as the previous releases were pretty darn fantastic as they were.

Graphically, League of Evil 3 retains the updated look of LoE 2, which moved away from the pixel art of the first to incorporate a cleaner, more refined art style. The multiple environments help to vary the look of the levels from the cold gray industrial aesthetic. You’ll also get to beat up lab coat lackeys underwater, in temples, and amidst magma. The Agent can also change up his own look, unlocking different costumes through the course of play. Comic book cutscenes also make an appearance, helping to flesh out the backstory for those that want to know more about why you are driven to beat the tar out of test-tube-toting toadies. The soundtrack is reminiscent of the previous version, too, which was a departure from the original soundtrack that meshed nicely with the new visual style. The controls remain some of the tightest in the genre, allowing The Agent to jump, double-jump, dash, wall slide, wall kick, and more with ease. They are also customizable, allowing you to reposition to fit the needs of your device. The overall difficult remains very high, so be prepared to die again and again and again as you trudge through the campaign.

Replay value is fantastic, as you can keep playing to shave hundredths of seconds off of your best time. Ghost runs can be activated to allow you to see previous attempts to help refine your run. GameCenter provides leaderboards and achievements to earn, and iCloud support allows you to pick up your progress on other devices. A universal app for $1.99, League of Evil 3 is another 5-Dimple stud.

League of Evil 3 Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2013-06-28T01:38:29+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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