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Kingdom Rush Frontiers Review
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Kingdom Rush Frontiers, the follow-up release of the uber-popular tower defense game from Ironhide Game Studio, is now available from the app store. Boasting more of everything that made the original so great, Kingdom Rush Frontiers provides fans with all-new ways to keep peace in the kingdom.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Pros:

  • Polished cartoony presentation and ample doses of humor
  • Terrific soundtrack and amusing catchphrases
  • Simple tap controls
  • Lots of upgradeable towers and heroes to defend against a variety of enemy types
  • GameCenter integration for tons of achievements to earn

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Cons:

  • Not a universal app
  • Tiny characters are almost a little too tiny to fully enjoy

Kingdom Rush Frontiers features a 25-level single-player campaign that takes you across multiple environments, tasking you with setting up towers on designated plots along fixed, forking pathways to prevent waves of baddies from reaching the end point. There are 3 difficulty levels (Campaign, Heroic, and Iron) to challenge you, though the tougher two are locked until you earn 3 stars in the first. You have 4 basic tower types (Archer, Militia, Mage, and Bombard) which can be purchased and placed along the pathway at certain spots. These towers can be further upgraded to improve health, attack power, defense, range, etc. There are over 40 enemy types to defeat, and each wave can send out multiple types to test your mettle. Coins are collected when enemies are defeated, allowing you to place more towers on any empty lots and upgrade them for increased effectiveness. Enemies vary in strength, health, speed, ability to withstand magic, and more. Learning how best to beat each type will go a long way toward finding success. There are also 9 heroes at your disposal, and you are allowed to take one in to battle with you. These heroes are stronger than your traditional units and they can be upgraded with a bunch of useful qualities. You are given one to start, with two more unlocked as you play. The other 6 are only available via IAP and they are quite expensive. You are also given access to a few special items, like the meteor shower and reinforcements. These can be called upon often in battle, but are subject to a cooldown period. The game can get extremely difficult after just a short time, and a variety of strategies will need to be employed to make it through. The action is frantic, but fun.

Graphically, Kingdom Rush Fronties utilizes a very similar style to the original, with a polished cartoon presentation and almost-too-small-to-tell-apart characters. The animations are cute, and the exclamations that appear above the characters’ heads have a quirky Batman-like quality about them. Tapping on individuals brings up info regarding their type, remaining health, etc. at the screen bottom. Information regarding wave number, remaining health, coins, and hero status appears in the upper left corner. A range of environments including desert, jungle, and underworld keep things fresh and interesting. The soundtrack is catchy and the funny little phrases that the characters shout are amusing. Controls utilize simple taps to select, confirm, reposition, and the like. You will need to confirm many of your selections by tapping a checkmark, so be sure to complete this step which tripped us up from time to time. Also, powers like the meteor shower have a short delay so you’ll need to tap where you expect the enemies to be in a second or two, not where they currently are. This can lead to wasted opportunities if not managed correctly.

Replay value is very good, as you can always try new strategies to improve your overall performance. The multiple difficulty levels also add a hefty challenge and the 70+ GameCenter achievements will keep you busy for a while, too. While Kingdom Rush Frontiers doesn’t do a whole lot of innovating, it does add a great deal of content and refines an otherwise terrific offering into a top-shelf offering. At $2.99 for the iPhone/iPod version and $4.99 for the iPad version, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a fantastic 4.5-Dimple choice.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2013-06-10T00:33:30+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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