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Tasty Tadpoles Review
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Tasty Tadpoles, a casual puzzler from Mark White, is now available from the app store. With two gameplay modes, intuitive controls, and a graphic style that’s reminiscent of Cut The Rope, Tasty Tadpoles is a cute and simple offering that seems geared toward younger gamers.

Tasty Tadpoles Pros:

  • Colorful polished graphics and cute animations
  • Cheery soundtrack
  • Simple tap controls are intuitive and responsive
  • Puzzle mode adds movement limits for added challenge

Tasty Tadpoles Cons:

  • May be a little too easy for some gamers
  • Not a lot of replay incentive

Tasty Tadpoles provides 75 levels spread across 3 locations, and each level can be played in both Normal and Puzzle modes. Each level contains three stars to collect and an exit to reach, while obstacles try to hinder you and foes look to consume you before you can complete your task. In Normal mode, you are simply trying to reach the exit with all stars. Only one star is visible at a time, so you’ll need to nab one before the next appears. Puzzle mode shows all three stars from the start but adds limits to the number of movements you can make to complete a level, awarding you a green lily pad for using all of the available moves or bestowing a golden lily pad upon you for using fewer moves than offered. Timing and precision are keys to survival, as you often only have a small time window through which to slip your tadpole safely by patrolling enemies. The game gradually introduces new enemies like green tadpoles that move in rigid patterns, yellow tadpoles that follow you around, turtles that snap at you (though they do offer shelter, too), and even electric eels. There are also helpful items like bubbles that protect you from being eaten and water beetles that act as decoys for the yellow tadpoles. There are over a dozen achievements (called Challenges in-game) to earn that allow you to unlock bonus levels and new characters to use, such as Tito, a spicy tadpole that causes the first tadpole to consume it to spit it back out. A half-dozen hidden frogs can also be found along the way.

Graphically, the game has a strong Cut The Rope vibe, from the menus down to the characters. The three environments (Garden, Murky, and Amazon) vary up the game’s look in fun ways, and the animations are silky smooth. Unlockable characters also have special abilities that alter gameplay in interesting ways. The soundtrack is cheerful and perky, complementing the game’s style nicely. Controls require you to simply tap where you want the tadpole to go. Speed is out of your control. It makes sense and feels natural, though an option to fling the fish as varying speeds might have been fun, too. Replay value is mid-range, with the Puzzle mode offering the only real challenge in gameplay. Once you’ve collected all stars and snagged the golden lily pads, there isn’t much else to do. Like Cut The Rope, we could see this game getting a handful of updates with new ponds, enemies, obstacles, and the like to give it some longevity. There is no GameCenter integration at this time. As it stands, its simplicity and cuteness makes it a terrific game for younger games to enjoy. A universal app for $0.99, Tasty Tadpoles is 4-Dimple fun.

Tasty Tadpoles Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2013-05-10T23:05:31+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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