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Gemini Rue Review
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Gemini Rue, Wadjet Eye Games’ intriguing point-and-click adventure game, is now available from the app store. Featuring an old-school aesthetic, pop-up interactive boxes, and a clever story that follows a pair of main characters, Gemini Rue delivers where it really counts.

Gemini Rue Pros:

  • Pixelated aesthetic fits the ’90s style nicely
  • Ambient soundtrack and competent voice work
  • Control scheme is familiar to older gamers
  • Intriguing narrative and engaging puzzles

Gemini Rue Cons:

  • Not for everyone
  • Some button unresponsiveness
  • Shooting element felt a bit tacked on

Gemini Rue’s plot follows a streetwise detective named Azriel Odin, whose search for his brother has brought him to a bleak and depressing planet called Barracus. Our other protagonist is a memory-wipe patient known only as Delta-Six, who is imprisoned in a strange research facility. The narrative moves back and forth between these two, allowing you to explore and interact with the environment using a restricted set of commands: look at, speak to, use, and kick. You also have quick access to your inventory of items, including a sidearm, a lock pick set, and a communicator that allows you to conduct your investigation and track down key individuals. There are a number of computer terminals to be found in the game that allow our characters to access vital information and push the story forward. Moving within the environments requires a tap, while dragging your finger around the screen will indicate objects to interact with by popping up a text label. It can get frustrating at times, notably when your efforts to find an appropriate object/action combination are met with resistance. Oh, the door is locked? Use lock pick set on door. What do you mean that’s not a good idea? Finding an appropriate combination is satisfying, allowing you to delve deeper into a story that manages to hold our attention better than most other point-and-clicks we’ve tried. We found the puzzles to be relatively easy to solve with a little effort, rarely leaving us stuck for too long in any one area.

Graphically, the pixelated visuals, stilted animations, and reliance on text and pop-ups are a fun throwback to a time where adventure games didn’t benefit from touchscreens and computing power. Given the bleak worlds that our characters inhabit, this rough and low-tech aesthetic really does fit the bill. The audio utilizes ambient sounds to create a moody atmosphere, and the voiceover work is quite competent. Controls utilize tapping and dragging, though the responsiveness of tap actions and hit box size for buttons could stand a little work. There is even a shooting mechanic that uses timing and virtual buttons to accomplish its goal, though it feels a bit tacked on for variety rather than a necessary feature for the story’s sake. Replay value is low, as with most point-and-click adventures, though fans of the genre may want to give it another go. A universal app for $3.99, Gemini Rue is a compelling 4-Dimple experience.

Gemini Rue Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2013-04-16T23:18:27+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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