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Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption Review
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Ridiculous Fishing -- A Tale of Redemption, Vlambeer’s addictive arcade fishing game, is now available from the app store. Featuring a colorful and quirky aesthetic, terrific controls, compelling collection mechanics, and one-more-try gameplay, Ridiculous Fishing is ridiculously fun.

Ridiculous Fishing -- A Tale of Redemption Pros:

  • Colorful pixelated graphics and fun animations
  • Multiple soundtracks with catchy, relaxing tunes
  • Tilt controls are tight and responsive
  • Tons of fish to collect and exciting avoidance/shooting mechanics
  • Variety of reels, lures, tech, weapons, and costumes to buy
  • Endless mode with GameCenter leaderboards

Ridiculous Fishing -- A Tale of Redemption Cons:

  • Can get repetitive, especially once all items have been purchased
  • Some fish are exceedingly hard to find

Enjoying a lazy afternoon on the water, your angler casts his line into the deep blue, putting you and your tilt controls to the test as you try to avoid contacting any fish for as long as possible. Once you do snare one, the fisherman starts reeling in his catch, prompting you to now direct your hook into as many fish as you can on the way back up. When they breach the surface, your catch is propelled into the midday sky, where you whip out your firearms and blast away, raining chum back to Earth. You collect money for the bullet-riddled fish, which you can use to purchase new items that can improve your ability to go deeper, boost longer and, of course, destroy fish more effectively. There are also a ton of fish types to discover, each with a different monetary value (avoid the jellyfish!). The ability to purchase new items comes at a pretty consistent pace, rarely leaving you grinding for too long to nab a helpful object from the store. Some items, like the popular chainsaw lures, can have a drastic impact on gameplay and really send your scores to new heights as you churn through troublesome fish and plummet to new depths. Completing the game will unlock an Endless mode that allows you to challenge others on the GameCenter leaderboards.

The pixelated graphics are bright, colorful, and cheery, even when you are conducting a mid-air massacre. The fishy behavior is realistic, as the underwater fauna change speeds frequently and cluster in groups that make it difficult to anticipate their patterns and avoid them for too long. The soundtrack is upbeat and arcade-y, and the gunfire sound effects add to the craziness of the game. A simple tap starts things off before you switch to tilt controls that offer a very good sense of control over your lure’s descent. Tapping as you descend will boost your line or cut through fish, depending on which lure you are using. Shooting fish (not in a barrel) varies depending on the weapon, offering single shots per tap or automatic fire by swiping your finger around the screen.

Replay value is outstanding, due to the affordable store items, simple gameplay mechanics, high-score chasing endless mode, and collectible fish. GameCenter integration brings global leaderboards and a half-dozen achievements into the mix. A universal app for $2.99, Ridiculous Fishing -- A Tale of Redemption is an awesome 4.5-Dimple triumph.

Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2013-03-17T14:27:00+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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