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Outland Games Review
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Outland Games, an auto-runner set in the Monday Night Combat world, has been released by Uber Entertainment and is now available from the app store. Feature clean, sharp graphics, randomized obstacles, and an engaging commentary style, Outland Games’ pleasing presentation outpaces its average gameplay.

Outland Games Pros:

  • Crisp, clean graphics and fun animations
  • Rocking soundtrack and engaging commentary
  • Controls are simple and fluid
  • Costumes and weapons to purchase, as well as upgradeable perks and random power-ups
  • GameCenter leaderboards

Outland Games Cons:

  • Somewhat repetitive
  • Purchased items are mostly for cosmetic purposes

You play as a game show contestant, forced to run and survive for the entertainment of others in the hopes of winning your freedom. Moving at a gradually increasing speed, you must jump to avoid spiky pits and explosive floating mines, while attacking any robots you encounter along the way. Coins can be collected to purchase cosmetic costume pieces and weaponry, as well as upgrade the effectiveness of perks that impact gameplay. We really wish the weapons would have some additional functionality, but they seem to be here for humor and/or show. Coins are provided fairly liberally, meaning you’ll only be a good run or two from purchasing your next item or upgrade. A number of temporary power-ups will appear at random, as well. You are rated on the length of your run and your point total, while a commentary track informs the crowd of your progress.

Graphically, Outland Games has a very polished look and feel, with cool spinning attack animations and smooth scrolling backdrops. The destruction animations when blasting a robot are also quite satisfying. While the opening environment/enemy/coin sequence seems to remain fairly static, the positioning of gaps, enemies, and coins does vary the farther you run. The enemy types, while exhibiting different shapes and colors, are merely annoyances that require a single attack swing to vanquish, provided you time it properly. Managing your positioning in order to clear jumps, kill baddies, and avoid floating mines is the name of the game. Learn to handle this juggling act well and you’ll go far. The rocking soundtrack and fun sound effects add to the experience. The snarky comments from the announcer are clear and entertaining, though they do tend to repeat after a while. Controls require you to tap a button on the left side of the screen to jump (double-tap to double-jump) and tap the right side button to attack. The controls were responsive and the buttons were large enough that we never missed, yet positioned out of the way so that you can enjoy the visuals. There is a loose combo system that allows you pull off some cool maneuvers and stay airborne for a good distance depending on how you mix up the attacks and jumps.

Replay value comes from trying to best your previous scores or challenging others on the GameCenter leaderboards. There are no achievements to earn. Despite its good looks and responsive play, we grew bored rather quickly. A universal app for $0.99, Outland Games racks up a 3.5-Dimple score.

Outland Games Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2013-03-09T15:31:36+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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