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King Cashing 2 Review
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King Cashing 2, Productions Multimage’s sequel to their outstanding RPG/Slots hybrid, is now available from the app store. Featuring an updated graphical interface, a loose storyline, and lots of zombies, weapons, and perks of varying powers to mix-and-match, King Cashing 2 offers an even deeper take on its already addicting gameplay.

King Cashing 2 Pros:

  • Terrific hand-drawn comic panels and sharper graphics overall
  • Multiple soundtracks to enjoy
  • Controls are responsive, offering ability to stop reels individually or all at once
  • Tons of zombies and weapons to mix-and-match
  • Lots of strategic opportunities and awesome loot drops
  • Same fantastic mechanics that made the original such a blast
  • GameCenter leaderboards and achievements

King Cashing 2 Cons:

  • Lacking the Survival mode and Protected Bosses that were added to the original
  • Comics can be a little difficult to read on the iPod screens

King Cashing 2’s long-dead king has risen from the beyond and is bringing an army of zombies with him in search of gold. Battles between his undead minions and the humans who stand in their way are played out within the confines of a slot-machine interface. The first reel is populated with zombies, the second features weapons, and the third provides your enemies. Perks can appear on any reel. Zombies, weapons, and perks have their own strength ratings and hit frequency, with the occasional bonus sprinkled in for good measure. Zombies and weapons are divided into class systems, allowing specific pairings to cause enhanced damage to enemies. Some enemies even have resistance or immunity toward certain classes, so you’ll need to make strategic decisions when choosing your load-out. Each battle (except for the first couple) will cost you a certain amount of gold pieces, though you stand to earn additional gold pieces, experience points, and possibly a chest or two containing a new zombie, weapon, or perk when you vanquish the human.

You have a certain number of cherries to exchange for spinning the reels of the slot machine. You can hit a single button to stop all 3 reels at once, or hit any of the reel-specific buttons to stop one reel at a time. If any of the 3 lines contains a zombie-enemy pairing or weapon-enemy pairing, you deal damage to the enemy in the amount of the item’s strength. If you combine a zombie-weapon-enemy on a line, the damage is enhanced. If the zombie and weapon are of the same class type, bonus damage will occur. You defeat an enemy by whittling his strength rating to zero before running out of cherries. You can pick up additional cherries, increase your possible gold payout, and/or boost your pending experience point total if these items appear on a line prior to any items or misses. Experience points allow you to upgrade a zombie, start with more cherries, or have more luck finding better stuff inside of the chests. There is a shop that allows you to purchase items for gold. You can also sell items of lesser value that you no longer use. There are over 50 enemies to battle over the course of the campaign, which should take some time to get through.

Graphically, King Cashing 2 has a more consistent look that its predecessor. There is a lot of great hand-drawn work, and the comic book panels, while a little small on the iPod, look terrific. Items on the wheels and battle animations utilize pixelated artwork, which is a nice holdover from the original. The reels spin fast enough that you can sort of judge when to stop them, but it’s still very difficult to get desired combos considerably. Luck and skill both factor in to defeating beefier enemies, with the occasional final Berserk spin helping out in a pinch. The soundtrack offers unique music for each of the 3 comic volumes, providing a cheery backdrop for the game. Controls require you only to tap on buttons to start and stop reels, with good responsiveness.

Replay value is great, and more of EVERYTHING is being teased for future updates. Absent at launch is the Survival mode that was added to the original, as well as the Protected Bosses. We really hope these get incorporated into the sequel at some point, as they provide a great alternative way to play the game. GameCenter integration offers 3 leaderboards (one for most gold pieces held at once and 2 for speed in completing volumes 2 and 3), as well as 57 achievements. A universal app for $2.99, King Cashing 2 is a 4.5-Dimple champ.

King Cashing 2 Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2013-03-01T00:08:41+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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