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Anomaly Korea Preview

Anomaly Korea, the sequel to 11 bit studios’ stellar tower offense game, is nearing the end of development and should hopefully be released by year’s end. We were given the opportunity to experience a 4-mission preview and we’re very excited by what we’ve seen.

The opening level serves as a bit of a tutorial for those unfamiliar with the previous version. It also serves to introduce all players to the new Boost ability, which enhances the rate of fire, range, and damage of any units within its radius. We are also shown how to reorder our units on the fly, allowing us to protect weakened units by moving them out of the line of fire. The second mission adds the familiar Crawler units, the Repair ability, and the element Carusaurum, all standard features from Warzone Earth. The third mission brings Smoke Screen into the fray, which is a helpful ability to combat the Scorcher towers that threaten to vaporize your units post-haste. The final mission tasks you with eliminating all towers within a factory, adding the complication that you cannot pick up any new earned abilities unless you are outside the confines of the factory.  You are also given a Horangi tank, a special unit that charges its most devastating attack by destroying a half-dozen towers. Once fully charged, it can launch a single attack that will destroy a tower in one shot. You’re also introduced to Flamer towers, a slow-moving but powerful enemy whose molten discharge can continue to cause damage even after the attack.

So far, we’ve been having a blast with the game, as we expected given that Anomaly Warzone Earth remains one of our all-time favorites. The new additions change up the strategy in fun ways and we can’t wait until everyone gets to share the same experience. No word on pricing yet. We’ll be sure to review the full game once it hits the app store.

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