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Storm The Train Review
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Storm The Train, an endless side-scroller developed by Games Faction and published by Chillingo, is now available from the app store. A freemium offering with great visuals and challenging gameplay, Storm The Train is a worthy addition to any iDevice.

Storm The Train Pros:

  • Polished presentation and exciting, action-packed gameplay
  • Soundtrack has a great spy movie quality
  • Controls are responsive, well-spaced; you can customize the layout to your liking
  • Great variety of weapons and unique enemies, lots of upgradeable items and cool perks
  • GameCenter integration provides a couple of global leaderboards

Storm The Train Cons:

  • Need to complete a number of missions in addition to earning lots of money to make purchases
  • No health replenishments

Storm The Train sees you take on the role of one of three special agents, dropped aboard a speeding train via helicopter and tasked with dispatching the throngs of zombies, robots, and ninjas aboard. You have a variety of weapons to purchase and use, including uzis, rifles, rocket launchers, and the like. There are coins to collect and side missions to complete. You also have access to the occasional helpful boost, such as combat drones or character swaps. While unlocking and upgrading most of the content requires you to earn a certain number of stars (acquired from completed side missions) AND spend a hefty amount of coins, there is IAP available to speed up the process. However, the game is a great deal of fun even without shelling out cash. Enemies exhibit unique behaviors, requiring you to think about the best way to kill them. For example, some zombies can come back to life, some robots act like kamikazes, and some ninjas have the ability to fire rockets. The occasional special vehicle appears and gives you the opportunity to do some serious destruction for a short while, while frequent weapon boxes automatically swap weapons for you when you touch them. Infinite ammo guarantees that you’ll never find yourself without a mode of defense. There are even a handful of boss battles that can quickly lead to your demise. Health doesn’t appear to be refillable in any manner, so avoiding contact is key to lengthy gameplay.

Graphically, Storm The Train has a very polished look and feel, with smooth animations, good hit detection, and distinguishable characters. The weaponry feels powerful and the death animations are enjoyable, too. The soundtrack reinforces feelings of doom and the sound effects add to the overall presentation nicely. Controls feature left/right buttons in the lower left corner and jump and shoot buttons in the lower right. Double jumps are accomplished by double-tapping the jump button. The buttons are responsive and nicely spaced. Replay value is great, as the possibility of earning a new high score, completing new side missions, or earning a few more coins to make a new purchase is ever present. GameCenter integration provides a pair of leaderboards to compete on with other players. A universal app for FREE, Storm The Train is a solid 4-Dimple option.

Storm The Train Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-11-11T17:15:36+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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