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iBomber Attack Review
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iBomber Attack, Cobra Mobile and Chillingo’s latest entrant in the iBomber series, is now available from the app store. Featuring an appealing aesthetic, lots of explosions, and fun gameplay, iBomber Attack succeeds at meeting our expectations of what an iBomber game should be.

iBomber Attack Pros:

  • Beautiful graphics in traditional iBomber style, smooth animations, and frantic gameplay
  • Soundtrack and sound effects cater to warlike mentality
  • Dual-stick controls are simple to use and intuitive; nice variety of weapons to use
  • GameCenter integration provides a dozen achievements to earn

iBomber Attack Cons:

  • Aiming/firing stick takes some practice to use effectively
  • Some minor app instability

Across 24 levels, you’ll take control of a tank and plow through WWII-era environments, blasting soldiers, tanks, turrets, buildings, and more. Enemies appear from all directions, shooting from the screen edge, spawning soldiers from small buildings, or getting right up in your grill while showing no mercy. Gameplay gets frantic quickly, as you try to shoot at and destroy your attackers while avoiding taking fire. Health pickups can be obtained when dropped by defeated enemies, replenishing part of your supply and keeping your alive. Each level provides you with a primary and secondary objective, such as destroying certain buildings, preventing the destruction of bridges, wiping out a convoy, etc. In addition, you are rated on your level of destruction and the number of hidden intel items you can find. For your troubles, you are awarded both gold and victory points. Gold is used to equip support slots so that you can call in air strikes, release bombs, and unleash other one-time maneuvers. Nuggets are occasionally dropped by the dead opposition. Victory points are used to upgrade your abilities, allowing you to increase tank speed, beef up armor, boost your fire rate, etc. Levels aren’t particularly lengthy, but you can spend a good deal of time wending around the various terrains while trying to destroy every last bit of the level.

Graphically, iBomber Attack exhibits a similar style as the other games in the series, offering crisp, textured imagery and nice animations. Enemy AI can be challenging, and the gameplay can get crazy quickly if you don’t exercise caution along your route. There is a compass that points in the general direction of your objective. Tapping the compass brings up a mini-map that helps you orient yourself and figure out where you have yet to explore and where exactly objective items are. It’s easy to find yourself bombarded by multiple enemies at once while setting off land mines during your escape. It should be similarly easy to maneuver through levels without taking much damage, blowing up everything around you with well-timed attacks. The soundtrack has a militaristic feel, providing a decent audio backdrop that complements the wartime sound effects. Controls utilize twin sticks, with the left joypad handling movement and the right joypad directing your gunfire. The right stick took a little getting used to, as it fires at intervals that require that we fiddle with the aiming line a bit to line up our shots accurately. The behavior of the sticks is customizable, so you can tinker until you find something that you like.

Replay value is good, allowing you to replay levels to find missed intel items, complete failed secondary objectives, and continue your destructive tendencies. GameCenter integration also offers a dozen achievements to earn. Two difficulty levels allow you to tailor the game to your skill level. A universal app for $0.99, iBomber Attack is a cool 4-Dimple offering.

iBomber Attack Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-11-07T21:36:56+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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