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FIFA 13 Review
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FIFA 13, the latest iteration of EA’s uber-popular soccer franchise, is now available from the app store. Adding plenty of polish and online multiplayer functionality, FIFA 13 manages to make an already solid offering even better.

FIFA 13 Pros:

  • Sleek graphics, smooth animations, and realistic physics/reactions
  • Commentary is accurate and emotional, with little repetition
  • Controls are familiar and easy to use; new skill shot button
  • Online multiplayer options included
  • Achievements to earn

FIFA 13 Cons:

  • Origin utilized instead of GameCenter
  • Penalty kicks are still imprecise with swipe controls

Much of FIFA 13 remains familiar, as EA seems to have adopted an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach. EA’s license allows for real teams and players, giving the series a sense of authenticity. Quick Match allows you to engage in a friendly match between any 2 clubs, Tournament mode gives you the opportunity to take one squad against the field to see if you can outlast the competition, and Manager mode puts you in charge of all operations related to running a club, which consists of a lot of dealings with roster issues. An online multiplayer mode has now been included to allow you to play gamers from around the world. The only drawback is that EA insists on utilizing the Origin network instead of the more widely popular and accepted GameCenter.

The gameplay itself also retains the same feel as the previous year’s, with sharp graphics, realistic animations, and plenty of instances where the ball and players react naturally to the on-field physics, which can both frustrate and delight in equal proportions. Player models look better with each new release, and this one is no different. We also really enjoyed the multiple replay angles after scoring a goal, giving you a cinematic look at the game’s most exciting moments. The most noticeable addition is the inclusion of a fourth action button specifically for skill moves, which used to be handled by double-tapping the screen. This time around, holding the skill move button will bring up a pound symbol that allows for differing moves depending on which square you slide your finger into. In addition to the corner buttons, you can still interact with the game by tapping on players to pass the ball or using swipes to send players in a specific direction to set up a play. You can even use two-finger screen swipes to influence the pressure that the whole team places on the opposition. There are a ton of options related to holding buttons or swiping buttons in certain directions, allowing the gamer to exercise a great deal of control over how the ball is played.

The commentary continues to impress, with limited repetition and fairly accurate accounts of what is happening on the field. Even the emotion of the on-field action is reflected in the commentator’s voices, which really helps to bring the game to life. The controls are easy to use, even if you aren’t sure of all of the special abilities that can be executed with swiping, etc. Each of the action buttons is clearly labeled with its purpose, so you need not memorize what a C button is for. It’s a very easy game to jump into, and multiple difficulty levels allow you to tailor the experience to your abilities, which should improve with a little practice. Of course, you also have a ton of achievements to shoot for, and leaderboards are included for online multiplayer to create additional replay value. As an added bonus, EA has done away with the 2 separate versions of its game, offering a universal app that’s playable on both your iPods/iPhones and your iPads. In fact, the iPods/iPhones can even be used as separate controllers while you play on your iPad if you so desire. For $6.99, FIFA 13 is a 5-Dimple app and our new go-to soccer game of choice.

FIFA 13 Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-10-01T01:32:36+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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