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One Tap Hero Review
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One Tap Hero, an action platformer developed by Coconut Island Studio and published by Chillingo, is now available from the app store. Featuring great puzzle design, dead simple controls, and cutesy characters, One Tap Hero is a joy for gamers of all ages.

One Tap Hero Pros:

  • Presentation is polished and animations are fluid
  • Soundtrack has relaxing quality
  • Single tap controls are dead simple and quite responsive
  • Star and coin collecting add some replay value
  • GameCenter integration for achievements and leaderboards

One Tap Hero Cons:

  • Occasional control confusion when two elements are very close
  • Can feel a little repetitive
  • Detailed backgrounds can sometimes obscure important foreground items

One Tap Hero tells the story of two amorphous lovers whose romance is interrupted by a wizard’s wayward spell that threatens to turn one member of the couple into a teddy bear. It’s incumbent upon the other to capture the 3 stars spread throughout each level in order to prevent this occurrence. In addition to the stars, there are lots of coins to snag and even keys to grab which unlock bonus stages. The main character auto-runs within each puzzle, and your only means of impacting his journey is to tap the screen. Taps are used to jump, to climb up a ledge, to grab a ladder, to activate a lever…. anything and everything. While it might seem likely that this single input method may lead to confusion over intended actions, it works remarkably well. Running into a wall or a green signpost will reverse your character’s direction, one of the few activities that cannot be directly controlled via taps. There are plenty of dangers to avoid, and timing is key to your survival and safe passage through the level. As you progress, you’ll encounter rising and falling columns (tapping within their confines will pause your run), gigantic boulders, red-suited enemies, and the like. Coins can be used to purchase cosmetic costume changes or obtain keys if you don’t want to work for them.

Graphically, the game’s colorful and cheery art style reinforces the laidback and sweet nature of the game. The various gaming elements are easy to discern and plan for, from the direction-changing signs to the breakaway platforms to the swirling teleports and everything in between. The soundtrack features relaxing tunes that reinforce the unrushed nature of most puzzles, encouraging you to explore and take in the beautiful scenery rather than speedrun through the game. The controls, as previously mentioned, are dead simple to use and very responsive, provided you time your jumps correctly. The margin of error in some instances can be quite slim, but you’ll find that failure is strictly a result of your own overeagerness. Replay value is decent, as missed stars and exciting level design will likely bring you back for more, as will picking up missed GameCenter achievements or the opportunity to raise your level scores by snagging more coins or completing the levels in less time. A universal app for $0.99, One Tap Hero is a solid 4-Dimple choice.

One Tap Hero Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-08-27T18:40:30+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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