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Random Heroes Review
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Random Heroes, a simple platformer from Ravenous Games, is now available from the app store. Eschewing the frantic speedrun nature of their hardcore League of Evil series, Random Heroes is a more laidback adventure that gives casual gamers the opportunity to get in on the fun.

Random Heroes Pros:

  • Fun retro presentation with expansive levels and a variety of enemies and weaponry
  • Coins collected from shooting enemies can be used to purchase new weapons and characters
  • Controls are simple and effective, especially on smaller screens
  • Chiptune soundtrack meshes well with game style
  • Achievements can be earned for a variety of tasks

Random Heroes Cons:

  • Most weapons are extremely underpowered
  • Need to grind to earn the fun stuff
  • Not all that challenging and no secondary objectives or tracked statistics to offer replay value

Random Heroes contains 30 levels spread across 3 environments in which your hero is tasked with wiping out enemies and collecting coins to purchase better weapons and quirky costumes. Level designs will be familiar to fans of the LoE games, though they have been expanded somewhat to offer more ground to cover. The hero moves at a slower pace than the LoE characters, and double-jumping is nowhere to be found. You are equipped with a gun to blast the baddies from a distance, though it’s very underpowered and requires a ridiculous number of shots to take out even the simplest enemies. We did find that the revolver was more powerful than the pistol, but the shotgun, which was supposed to do a great deal of damage, typically took as many shots as the revolver to dispatch enemies, making it a bit useless and a waste of a significant amount of collected cash. You’ll likely need to grind a bit to pick up enough money to get some of the better blasters, but this can be accomplished pretty easily by replaying boss levels. Your health meter typically only allows you to contact enemies a couple of times before dying, though you should be able to track down a health replenishment hidden away in each level. You simply need to reach the door to move on to the next location, and you don’t need to kill all enemies to escape. There is no tracking of time, bullets used, or anything like that to compare against other gamers, nor do you earn stars or have the opportunity to find a hidden object in each level to add replay value.

The retro graphics are reminiscent of the first LoE, adding the same charming old-school look that takes us back to a simpler time. There are lots of moving platforms to utilize and spike pits to avoid. There is no wall-jumping or wall-sliding, which was a bit disappointing. Each enemy you kill will die in a burst of coins, some of which may end up in spike pits or other dangerous locations, so timing your kill to avoid spraying loot everywhere is something to consider. You can only fire in the direction that you are facing, and the slow firing speed means that you’ll need to exercise some dexterity to maneuver around enemies until you can fill them with enough lead to finish them off. The soundtrack is chiptune, offering an upbeat and satisfying aural backdrop to the game. Controls offer a left and right button for movements, and a jump and fire button. You can fall through platforms, though it requires you to hold the jump button and initiate a jump first, which we found kind of odd. The scheme is the same as in LoE and it offers good responsiveness, though iPad users may find the button placement awkward on the larger screen.

Replay value is fairly low, unless you want to try to unlock all weapons or characters available. Each does have strengths and weaknesses relative to the other options, so it can behoove you to mix and match and find a combination that works best for you. There are achievements, though no leaderboards. The whole experience doesn’t last all that long, either. A universal app for $0.99, Random Heroes is an average 3.5-Dimple experience.

Random Heroes Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-08-20T22:50:49+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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