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Trigger Fist Review
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Trigger Fist, an exciting third-person shooter from Lake Effect Applications, is now available from the app store. Featuring single-player and multiplayer game modes, interesting design choices, a bunch of weapons, and fast-paced action, Trigger Fist is an enticing offering in a week full of ho-hum releases.

Trigger Fist Pros:

  • Varied environments and great presentation values; elimination of y-axis aiming simplifies gameplay
  • Multiple game modes playable in single-player or online multiplayer; AI bots are challenging
  • Controls are easy to handle and don’t throw in too many buttons or options to complicate things
  • Includes goats…. ’nuff said
  • GameCenter integration for matchmaking and global leaderboards

Trigger Fist Cons:

  • Minor control annoyances, though some are eased via customization
  • Fixed focus makes it difficult to notice objects on the ground
  • Though quite stylish, the radar is a bit confusing to read

Trigger Fist allows you to play any of its four game modes (Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Sacred Goat, which plays a lot like Capture The Flag) against crafty AI opponents in single-player or against a mix of humans and AI opponents in online multiplayer via GameCenter or Bluetooth. Matches take place with 8 players, and getting into a game is relatively easy. Free-For-All pits you against 7 other players to see who can rack up 15 kills the fastest. Team Deathmatch pits 4 players against 4 other players with the same objective as Free-For-All, except that all team kills count toward the goal of 30 kills. King of the Hill again sees 4 players facing off against 4 others, with the goal of holding a specific location for a total of 120 seconds, despite the location changing often. Sacred Goat tasks your 4-member team with giving a piggyback ride to a goat, with the first team reaching 90 total seconds being declared the victors. AI bots are used in both modes, though you can have a few human players involved when selecting multiplayer, which adds a fun element. The gameplay adds very few frills, as you cannot move your aiming dot up or down and cover doesn’t come easily. You do have the option to crouch, but you are just as likely to get picked off whether you stand or squat. As you progress and earn XP, you’ll unlock better weapons, of which a primary and secondary can be taken into battle. There are also a few items and attributes to unlock that will give you minor advantages. Be prepared to die and die often, though you are just as likely to wend your way through the half-dozen locations and blast away a string of bad guys, too. It’s a fun little title that vigorously scratches that shooter itch.

Graphically, Trigger Fist doesn’t have the amazing visual polish of a Dead Trigger or a Shadowgun, nor the bells and whistles of a Modern Combat title, but it does provide clean and open arenas full of nooks to hide in and objects to maneuver around. There are no higher elevations due to the fixed aiming focus, so everyone plays at the same level. You’ll discover a tendency to get caught on objects, as your limited visual field doesn’t always let you see the row of pots or short wall that stands in your way. Repetition will be the key to learning the levels and avoiding those problems in the future. The soundtrack is upbeat and the sound effects are appropriate. Controls are pretty easy to get a handle on, though not always as responsive as we’d like. Replacing our thumb on the movement pad after removing our thumb from the screen seems to send us tumbling backward a bit instead of simply centering our character. We have to make a concerted effort to slide slightly forward when replacing our thumb to avoid this back step.  There is a red button for firing our weapon, which is sort of in the area that we like to use for swiping to look from side-to-side. The button layout is customizable, though, so you can move it wherever you prefer. Icons in the lower right portion of the screen control melee, grenades, and weapon switching/reloading. A map of sorts is in the upper right corner and if we could ever figure out exactly how to read its stylish interface, we’ll probably be much better off. Current kill counts/leaderboards are accessible from a button in the upper left corner.

Replay value is good, as the bots put up quite a challenge and multiplayer can be a blast with friends. Unlocking new weapons and items can also give you the option to switch up your loadout and blast away with some real firepower. GameCenter is used for matchmaking as well as for maintaining global leaderboards. A universal app for a healthy $4.99, Trigger Fist is a solid 4-Dimple offering.

Trigger Fist Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-08-15T22:31:11+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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