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Agent Dash Review
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Agent Dash, Full Fat’s take on the Temple Run formula, is now available from the app store. Adding a dash of debonair and a thematic shift from jungle to international espionage, Agent Dash brings some exciting ideas to the table, yet buries most of the good stuff behind expensive in-game pay walls and unappealing IAPs.

Agent Dash Pros:

  • Terrific visuals depicting a variety of environments
  • Soundtrack meshes well with gameplay
  • Swipe controls used for side-stepping, leaping, and sliding
  • Lots of items to purchase/upgrade
  • GameCenter integration for global leaderboards

Agent Dash Cons:

  • Busy backdrops make anticipating dangers a difficult task
  • Input confusion leads to unintentional death
  • Gems are earned very slowly and items are way too expensive

Agent Dash is a barrel-chested, black-tie-adorned sprinter, running through various locales at top speed while collecting diamonds and avoiding obstacles. Pathways are well-defined and maneuvering requires quick and precise swipes. Whereas Temple Run featured a single open-lane within which you could drift to one side or the other with tilt controls, Agent Dash uses a rigid three-lane system and no tilting. Even the twists and turns that Temple Run is known for are less impactful, as some locales will automatically send you around curves provided that you are in an edge lane. Despite this, Agent Dash seems a little more inept than Temple Run’s hero. Obstacles seem more difficult to avoid for our man of mystery. Whether it is the camera angle or the busier background graphics, the dangers just aren’t as evident as quickly as they were in the jungle.

More frustrating than that is the way that you are teased with a bunch of cool additions like jetpacks, gem magnets, and even alternative characters and enough costume changes to make Mariah Carey jealous. Given the slow pace at which you acquire gems and the outrageous prices associated with even the most basic of upgrades, you’ll either need to do some serious grinding or cough up some real-world money to enjoy the spoils. Great cartoon graphics aside, Agent Dash doesn’t do a whole lot to entice the gamer to set aside Temple Run for a new challenge. The soundtrack fits the spy motif well, but the controls suffer from a good deal of input confusion that has led to numerous frustrating premature deaths. Replay value is not great, unless you have money burning a hole in your pocket or you can’t get enough of the endless runner genre. GameCenter integration does add leaderboards for comparing best scores. A universal app for free, there’s no harm in checking out this 3.5-Dimple offering.

Agent Dash Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-08-06T01:26:50+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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