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Left2Die Review
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Left2Die, Everplay’s entry into the dual-stick zombie shooter genre, is now available from the app store. Featuring both single-player and multiplayer game modes, a wealth of upgradeable weaponry, and multiple characters with unique abilities, Left2Die makes for an exciting adventure.

Left2Die Pros:

  • Appealing top-down visuals with multiple character types, zombies, weapons, and locations
  • Soundtrack is brooding
  • Mission mode, Survival mode, and two multiplayer modes keep things fresh
  • Purchases and upgrades are easily afforded through collected in-game currency
  • GameCenter integration for global leaderboards and achievements

Left2Die Cons:

  • Aiming/Firing control needs some tightening up, causing some frustrations
  • Multiplayer system suffering from some connectivity problems

Left2Die contains a 60-level Mission mode spread across 3 environments (Diner, Store, and Farm), as well as an endless Survival mode. There is also a Co-op multiplayer mode to take on the zombies with a friend, or you could battle it out to be the sole survivor of Competitive Deathmatch. Mission mode gives you an objective to complete in each level, such as killing a given number of zombies or surviving for a specific number of minutes. Zombies spawn in random locations, and there are a variety of zombie types to defend against. For protection, you can take a Primary weapon, a Secondary weapon, and a Special weapon with you. There are several weapons available for purchase in each class. The Primary has limited ammo, but your Secondary will never run out. Your Special weapon must charge up to be used. Reload times create a hassle, but this is one of the multiple attributes for each weapon that you can upgrade with cash earned in-game. Some dead zombies will drop bundles of greenbacks, and ammo and health drops occur occasionally, too. There are even a few perks to find tucked away, like money multipliers or double damage bonuses that come in quite handy. Save up enough cash and you can even purchase a new character, each of whom excels in one category or another (great armor, faster foot speed, etc.). The mixing and matching possibilities are huge, and money is earned at a quick enough clip that you’ll never be too far from the next purchase or upgrade. The lazier player can buy stacks of cash using the entirely-optional IAP, but where’s the fun in that?

Graphically, Left2Die uses an isometric viewpoint to give you a nice overview of your immediate surroundings. Levels aren’t all that big, but they aren’t tiny, either. There are also a few obstacles to get hung up on or trapped within, so staying nimble and maintaining an exit strategy is key. The graphics are very nice, and the overall presentation shows good polish. The soundtrack has a brooding quality that meshes nicely with the gameplay. Controls utilize a dual-stick setup where the left stick controls movements and the right stick aims/fires. Unfortunately, the aiming/firing isn’t as tight as we’d like, which leads to a lot of misfiring or poor aiming. The wasted ammo is especially costly when using your Primary weapon or within the heat of a chase. The zombie speed typically matches yours, so letting them get too close doesn’t afford you the ability to escape very easily. Your three weapon indicators/selectors are in the middle of the screen bottom, easily swapped for one another and clearly displaying ammo remaining in the current clip and total remaining ammo. Your health bar resides in the upper left corner, turning from green to red as it depletes.

Replay value is great, with an engaging Survival mode and two multiplayer options that keep the challenge fresh. GameCenter integration also allows for global leaderboards and achievements to earn. Left2Die is a $0.99 universal app that earns a very solid 4-Dimple score.

Left2Die Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-07-08T23:39:07+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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