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Alive4ever mini Review
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Alive4ever mini, the latest top-down zombie shooter from Meridian Digital Entertainment, is now available from the app store. Eschewing the gritty realism of the past for a more cartoonish look, Alive4ever mini delivers similar gameplay that lacks the gruesome excellence that made their other offerings stand out.

Alive4ever mini Pros:

  • Tons of zombies and plenty of firepower to keep them at bay
  • Soundtrack is catchy
  • Controls are dual-stick and easy to handle, swap weapon and skill buttons are close by
  • Multiple characters with unique skills and side missions add replay value
  • GameCenter provides global leaderboards and nearly 2 dozen achievements

Alive4ever mini Cons:

  • Cutesy art style just doesn’t appeal to us
  • Some aspects of the game could use better explanations

Alive4ever mini puts you in control of an overaggressive guy on a quest to retrieve his stolen baseball card. To do so, he must battle through hordes of zombies to complete a variety of missions, such as room-clearing, escorting, item retrieval, and more. Destroyed zombies leave behind their souls, which can be collected by walking close enough for them to snap to you. For every one hundred collected, you earn a soul stone, which acts as an in-game currency. Soul stones are used to purchase upgrades to the various weapons at your disposal, most notably the valuable infinite ammo upgrade. This eliminates the frustrations of running out of ammo and slow reloading, which in turn increases the enjoyment of playing the game. You character levels up every so often, allowing you to allocate skill points to faster reloads, more bullets, additional health, and the like. Unfortunately, we just can’t fully get on board with the cutesy art style that the game employs.

Graphically, Alive4ever mini reminds us of Age of Zombies, and the main character even resembles ol’ Barry Steakfries to a degree. It almost feels like the goal was to appeal to youngsters, which seems a bit inappropriate. The top-down viewpoint has been angled to reveal an isometric look at the world, and nearly a dozen different environments help to keep the visuals fresh. There are a variety of strange enemies to confront, but we just couldn’t get immersed the same way that the previous versions sucked us in. Even the boss battle levels just didn’t compel us to fight on. The soundtrack is quirky and catchy, contributing to the cheerier feel of the game. Controls utilize the dual-stick setup again, with the left button controlling movement and the right handling the aiming and firing. The sticks can be set to fixed or floating, and their opacity is adjustable. Skills are activated via a button by the left stick, and weapons are swapped using a button near the right stick. Otherwise, there isn’t much to it. The controls are pretty tight, and handling your business amidst an onslaught of baddies is typically manageable.

Replay value is decent, as you’ll want to grind it out to fully upgrade your weapons and unlock other playable characters. In addition to the standard Story mode, there is a Survival mode where you can test your mettle and see how long you can hold out before falling victim to the brain-munchers. Side objectives also provide a means to extend replay value, giving the gamer something to do other than mindlessly blast away at the shuffling mob. GameCenter integration gives you global leaderboards to scale and almost 2 dozen achievements to earn. A $0.99 app, Alive4ever mini racks up a 4-Dimple score.

Alive4ever mini Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-06-17T22:03:47+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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