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Disco Kitten Review
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Disco Kitten, a rhythm-based arcade game developed by IJ Software and published by Chillingo, is now available from the app store. Featuring an appealing soundtrack, challenging gameplay, and more cats than you can shake a stick at, Disco Kitten is surprisingly fun.

Disco Kitten Pros:

  • Stylish presentation and frantic gameplay
  • Soundtrack is hip and appealing
  • Tap controls are responsive and easy to use
  • Survival mode adds good replay value
  • GameCenter and Crystal integration provides global leaderboards and lots of achievements

Disco Kitten Cons:

  • Not much warning given before lightning is unleashed
  • Kind of repetitive
  • Instructions aren’t entirely clear about various aspects of the game

Disco Kitten contains dozens of levels of gameplay across 5 modes of difficulty. The goal of each level is to fill a giant cat head with energy transferred from a number of smaller cat-faced canisters that collect lightning that occasionally streams down from the ceiling above. You must not let the canisters get completely full or they will turn to stone and end your effort. Tapping a pad in front of each will move your cat character to the desired location, causing any energy inside to drain into the giant cat head. If lightning enters a canister while you are standing on its pad, you’ll be fried and sent back to the starting pad located out of the way, doubling as a safe zone at any time. Get fried too many times and you’ll need to restart, too. If you take too long to fill the giant cat head, it’ll begin to drain. The spout above a canister will blink momentarily before expelling its charge, which doesn’t give you much time to react. Quick reactions and good power management will allow you to fill the combo bar, with Disco Time initiated once it hits 100%. A time bonus and combo bonus are added together to form your level score. The first set of levels don’t offer much difficulty, but things start heating up in the next set, as you are introduced to canisters with different fill and drain rates, and lightning will often stream into more than one canister at a time. When it hits all four at once, you’ll need to bail out quickly.

Graphically, the game uses a nice grayscale motif that makes the neon blues and pinks of the energy canisters pop. The pure white lightning and your cat’s purple highlights also contrast nicely, allowing you to focus on the important aspects of the game while providing a stylish look. The soundtrack is terrific, offering catchy tunes in the menu areas as well as during the game. If anything, I’d like to be able to hear the menu song during the game, too, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. The controls are tap-based, showing good responsiveness and affording the gamer a simple method to control the cat when things get hectic.

Replay value is decent, as you can always try to beat your high score. A Survival mode is unlocked when you complete the first set of levels. You must keep draining canisters to prevent your Energy bar from hitting E, which will halt the ascent of your platform. Your score is the distance you are able to travel before running dry. There are coins to collect in this mode, which can be spent on power-ups like quick revives to keep your game alive. GameCenter and Crystal integration offer a half-dozen leaderboards and nearly 2 dozen achievements. Disco Kitten is a $0.99 universal app that clocks in with a respectable 4-Dimple score.

Disco Kitten Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-06-15T23:36:06+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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