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Suspect In Sight Review
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Suspect In Sight, a top-down arcade-action title from Jujubee, is now available from the app store. Featuring a handful of stylish environments, responsive tilt controls, and exciting gameplay, Suspect In Sight is an arresting challenge.

Suspect In Sight Pros:

  • Appealing top-down presentation with detailed cities and great lighting effects
  • Soundtrack is catchy, thrumming of helicopter blades is hypnotic
  • Controls utilize the accelerometer to great effect
  • Unlockable cities, helicopters, and bonus content based on earned XP
  • GameCenter provides nearly 2 dozen achievements to earn

Suspect In Sight Cons:

  • Alternative control mechanic currently unavailable on several devices
  • AI quirkiness can be frustrating
  • No idea what the power-ups do
  • Quick timer is a bit too restrictive
  • Text size is way too small on iPod/iPhone

You are in control of a police helicopter, flying high above a dense metropolitan area. On the streets below, criminals in red vehicles wend their way around the various avenues. Armed only with a floodlight and backed up by your super-aggressive police brethren, you must track down the bad guys and keep them in your high beams long enough for a nearby cop car to slam into them and render them immobile. Gameplay is wave-based and timed, giving you only about a minute to execute as much justice as possible. Each wave adds one more criminal than the previous wave to track down, as well as adding back some precious seconds to your timer. Each captured criminal also adds back a bit of time, though we never had enough to get past the 6th or 7th wave. Most of the buildings won’t impede your progress, but there are a handful that stretch high enough into the sky to force you to go around. A few power-up bonuses appear as yellow question marks that can be picked up by flying through them, but the game doesn’t explain what they are or how to use them. The game ends when the timer expires, and you earn XP for the number of waves you played, the number of criminals you captured, and the total number of seconds you spent playing. The XP is used to level up your rank, unlocking additional locations and better aircraft to use.

Graphically, the top-down viewpoint offers an enjoyable eye-in-the-sky feel, and the maps contain a lot of different roadways and buildings packed into a relatively small space. The nighttime look is rendered well, and the lighting/shading effects are very nice. Animations are smooth, and the criminal AI is pretty good, as they’ll do their best to twist and turn down side streets to lose your light. The cop AI could be a bit better, as they can only track down and capture the criminals while the light is on them. The moment it loses them, the cops are rendered inert, regardless of how close they were to completing the task. Keeping the light trained on the bad guys can be challenging, but a little practice goes a long way. The soundtrack is catchy, and the thrumming of the helicopter blades is hypnotic. Currently, accelerometer control is the default and it appears to work on all devices. There is a virtual pad alternative, but it is not currently available on several devices, including the iPod Touch 4th gen that we used. An upcoming update should fix this issue. The accelerometer controls were good enough to get the job done. Smashed cars leave a pile a sparkling debris behind, which can be tapped for extra points.

Replay value is very good, as the new maps, better helicopters, and additional unlockables (new game modes, etc.) offer a good amount of content once you earn enough XP to gain access. The possibility of besting your previous high score or reaching a new wave of criminals will also keep you coming back for more. There are almost 2 dozen GameCenter achievements to earn (which are visualized as items in your hideout). An engrossing bite-sized challenge for a mere $0.99, Suspect In Sight is a terrific 4-Dimple game.

Suspect In Sight Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-06-14T23:54:32+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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