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Zombie Carnaval Review
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Zombie Carnaval, an endless runner from Mobigame, is now available from the app store. Featuring Pixar-like graphics, simple controls, and plenty of content to keep us hooked, Zombie Carnaval is a surprisingly addictive and challenging affair.

Zombie Carnaval Pros:

  • Pixar-quality graphics and smooth animations
  • Soundtrack is upbeat and catchy
  • Simple tap controls are very responsive
  • Mini-missions, purchasable upgrades, fun power-ups all add excitement and replay value
  • GameCenter integration provides global leaderboards

Zombie Carnaval Cons:

  • Camera viewpoint could be pulled back a touch
  • No achievements

Zombie Carnaval flips the Grim Joggers script to provide a unique experience on the mobile platform. Whereas GJ starts you off with a group of characters that drop like flies without any recourse, Zombie Carnaval starts you with a single zombie and gives you the ability to turn humans to join your mob. While you’ll still lose some along the way until the last one drops, you can always press on given that you have at least one zombie undead and kicking. In addition to brain chomping any pedestrians you come across, you can use a group of four to flip a car, a group of eight to upturn a bus, and a group of twelve to tear apart a tank. Other obstacles include explosive devices, gaps, and moving vehicles, which can significantly reduce your horde’s numbers if you aren’t nimble. Moving vehicles are preceded by warnings, similar to those in Jetpack Joyride before the missiles appear. There are a ton of coins spread throughout the game in a bunch of different configurations. Collected coins allow you to purchase abilities, items, and more, offering perks like starting the game with additional zombies, unlocking quirky costumes, etc.

As is popular in recent iOS releases, a series of mini-missions provide fun objectives to complete that help you earn batches of coins and extend replay value. A handful of power-ups will appear occasionally in the form of a question box, turning your mob into ninjas, a Chinese dragon, a giant robot with laser vision, and more. One of the more interesting aspects of the game is its focus on converted brains instead of distance covered. At the end of each run, the number of brains devoured are added to a ticket. For every one hundred, you earn a lotto ticket that can be scratched to reveal an additional bonus, if you’re lucky.

Graphically, Zombie Carnaval has a charming and polished look, with characters and environmental objects of Pixar quality. The backdrops are animated and show a nice variety. Characters are expressive, and their chomping and converting animations are cute, too. The close camera viewpoint adds a bit of a challenge, as you aren’t given a lot of time to decide how to react. The soundtrack is catchy and upbeat, despite the morbid theme. The controls are dead simple, requiring you simply to tap the screen to hop or hold your finger on-screen for a lengthier leap. The lead zombie is the one under direct control, while the others follow suit based on his movements. The controls are easily managed and very responsive.

Replay value is present in spades, from the high score challenge to the mini-missions to the purchasable abilities and items. Even the lotto cards provide that big score opportunity that will keep you playing until your battery runs out. GameCenter integration provides global leaderboards, but no achievements. A universal app for $0.99, Zombie Carnaval is a stellar 5-Dimple offering.

Zombie Carnaval Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-06-05T00:18:12+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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