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Razor: Salvation Review
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Razor: Salvation, a 360-degree shooter developed by Blowfish Studios and published by Crescent Moon Games, is now available from the app store. Featuring plenty of weaponry and a number of alien scum to fry, Razor: Salvation creates an atmosphere of gloom that fails to leave a lasting impression.

Razor: Salvation Pros:

  • Multiple environments with a variety of enemies that come at you from all directions
  • Soundtrack has epic feel
  • Controls are easy to use, with large buttons to ensure you’ll hit them in the heat of battle
  • GameCenter integration provides global leaderboards and achievements

Razor: Salvation Cons:

  • Graphics don’t meet today’s standard; death animations are lacking
  • Swipe-to-swivel mechanic is sluggish; reload times are excruciating
  • Lacks excitement

Razor: Salvation plops you in the middle of a post-apocalyptic cityscape overrun by multiple alien species after an infection has turned most people into zombies and wiped out our happy little existence. Your goal is to hold your position long enough to save as many uninfected humans as possible before being forced to pull up anchor and high tail it to a safer locale. There are 3 cities to play, though each gets stale after just a short while. Your arsenal consists of a minigun and autocannon, each with unlimited ammo. You can also purchase additional weaponry and limited quantities of ammo using the in-game currency earned for completing various tasks. Additionally, you can use the in-game currency to upgrade attributes of your weapons to make them more effective.

As you are relegated to a fixed position, you’ll need to spin around constantly to take aim at enemies that descend upon you from all directions. A handy radar at the screen bottom indicates where the threats are coming from. Unfortunately, swiping to spin feels clumsy and we aren’t able to get into position as quickly as we’d like. When you do draw a bead on a baddie, simply get them in your crosshairs and mash the fire button to blast away. Some enemies are stronger than others and require the use of different weapons or sustained firepower to eviscerate. Frequent and slow reloads are a bear, detracting mightily from the gameplay and compelling you to pour your hard-earned loot into quicker reload abilities rather than explore other upgrade paths. The death animations, or lack thereof, are woefully underwhelming, as the dead bodies simply evaporate into the ether.

Graphically, Razor: Salvation looks and feels a lot like Duke Nukem 3D with marginally better graphics. Elements of the city are destructible, which usually rewards you with some type of bonus. The alien life forms and environments aren’t nearly as engaging as expected, leaving us feeling flat and looking for the exit. The soundtrack is bold and sweeping, giving your task an epic feel. Controls are tap- and swipe-based, allowing easy access to the fire and weapon switch controls. The weapon switch pulls up a full menu, indicating available weapons and their ammo counts upon larger, hard-to-miss buttons. The controls actually work quite well.

Replay value comes in the form of earning money and upgrading weapons, as well as challenging yourself to last longer with each subsequent playthrough. Unfortunately, the uninspiring graphics and sluggish spin maneuvers just didn’t compel us to keep coming back for more. GameCenter integration offers global leaderboards and achievements, and mini-objectives attempt to give gamers further incentive to annihilate more aliens. You can even create or join factions for fighting with friends. A universal app for $0.99, Razor: Salvation racks up a 3.5-Dimple score.

Razor: Salvation Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-06-03T18:16:13+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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