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Slingshot Racing Review
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Slingshot Racing, a fantastic physics-based racer developed by Snowbolt Interactive and published by Crescent Moon Games, is now available from the app store. Featuring stellar steampunk-inspired graphics, dead simple controls, and smooth as silk animation, Slingshot Racing has all the trappings of a classic iOS game save for online multiplayer action.

Slingshot Racing Pros:

  • Gorgeous steampunk-inspired graphics and polished top-down presentation
  • Soundtrack is catchy and upbeat
  • Dead simple one-touch control mechanic
  • Multiplayer option via pass-and-play and decent racing AI
  • GameCenter integration for global leaderboards and nearly three dozen achievements

Slingshot Racing Cons:

  • No online multiplayer option

Slingshot Racing contains a number of track designs (64 unique races) upon which to run time trials, race against opponents, or collect cogs in either Career or Multiplayer mode (same-device only at this time). Successful racing (besting given times, coming in first, gathering cogs quickly, and avoiding the Chomper) will earn up to 3 bolts per level. Bolts are used to unlock subsequent level sets for more racing action. Early tracks are of simple oval designs, becoming longer and more twisted as you progress. Spinning poles are placed near each turn in the track, automatically twisting in a predetermined clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Your car runs automatically once the race begins, and your only means of intervention is to tap and hold the screen, which will unleash a rope that connects to the nearest spinning pole. Depending on the length of the rope, you may make a slow, wide turn or a short, quick turn. Releasing your finger releases the rope, sending you careening in the direction you are currently facing. Timing and positioning are key factors in achieving great runs. Release at the wrong time and you’ll go smashing into the wall, slowing your vehicle. You may also find yourself far away from the next spinning pole, resulting in a slow, wide turn that allows your competitors to sneak ahead. It’s a simple mechanic that is executed brilliantly.

Graphically, Slingshot Racing exudes style and class, utilizing steampunk elements mixed with a chilly, blue color palette that gives a sense of icy slickness that explains the ability to slingshot so effortlessly. Vehicles are similar in style, but differ in color, making it easy to detect where you are at all times. Lap numbers and position appear as tiny text above your car, giving you frequent updates to your status without forcing you to look away from your focal point. Tracks can include a handful of advantageous elements, like speed boost pads that can give you a much needed burst if you hit them appropriately or snow storms that are charged while you refrain from scraping the walls and are initiated via power boxes. A few small obstacles, like snowmen and snow pits on the track, can hinder your progress unless avoided. The soundtrack is catchy and upbeat, and the touch controls are very responsive. The multiplayer option is terrific, allowing up to 4 players to race each other on the same device using a dedicated spot for each player to tap to unleash his rope. Though the AI in single player is decent, there’s nothing like taking on actual opponents.

Replay value is good, as there are a bunch of tracks (which can also be run in the opposite direction), multiple race styles, and terrific same-device multiplayer. The addition of online multiplayer would be a huge improvement, as finding people who want to play and gather around a single device isn’t the easiest task. GameCenter integration also brings global leaderboards and achievements to earn. A universal app (with iCloud support) for a measly $0.99, Slingshot Racing is a stellar 4.5-Dimple experience.

Slingshot Racing Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-05-25T02:10:08+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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