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Shoot The Zombirds Review
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Shoot The Zombirds, an action title from Infinite Dreams, is now available from the app store. A reimagining of their previous Shoot The Birds offering, Shoot The Zombirds utilizes a creepy Halloween theme, goal-based multipliers, and upgradeable attributes to keep you firing arrows long into the night.

Shoot The Zombirds Pros:

  • Beautiful creepy night theme with Halloween flavor
  • Soundtrack is appealing
  • Drag-and-release controls are easy to use and responsive
  • Persistent multiplier increased by completed objectives and upgradeable attributes using in-game currency

Shoot The Zombirds Cons:

  • GameCenter integration doesn’t appear to be working at this time
  • Can get a bit repetitive
  • Upgrades are quite expensive, especially the one-time use variety

You play as a pumpkin-headed scarecrow, a static figure in the center of the screen bottom. Your job is to protect your pumpkids from being nabbed by the swarms of crows, chickens, and other aviary characters hovering overhead. If you let a bird reach the right side of the screen, it’ll snag a pumpkid and make its way back toward the screen’s left side. Shoot it down to save your kid or it’ll be lost forever if the bird gets away. You have a limited supply of arrows, and you’ll lose one for each missed shot that falls harmlessly to the ground. Fire one into a bird, however, and you’ll retain your count. Skewer more than one bird with a single arrow and you’ll earn an extra for each additional bird. The game ends when you lose all of your kids or run out of arrows. If you manage to shoot several birds in quick succession, you’ll initiate a rage mode that earns double points. Dead birds will also cause skulls to appear and float by among your feathered foes. Piercing a skull will earn you coins that can be used in the Grave Store for upgrades, one-time perks, and new characters. Each time you play, a new objective is offered to give you something additional to do. Complete the task and you’ll increase a persistent point multiplier, making it easier to rack up big scores the more you play.

Graphically, Shoot The Zombirds looks a lot like its predecessor, though the day/night cycle has been scrapped for a full-on night theme. Rage mode gives everything a reddish tint and colorful explosions may occur. The birds move a bit erratically, making it difficult to anticipate their every move. Just missing a bird will often cause it to pull up and pause momentarily. Falling arrows and plummeting birds can take out other birds on their way down, which is always satisfying. The soundtrack has a fun, creepy vibe, while bird noises and the like (howling wolves, for example), add to the atmosphere. Controlling the arrows is simple, as you drag your finger downward on the screen to set the direction and power. Releasing sends the projectile flying. The animations are smooth and the overall presentation is very polished.

Replay value comes from completing goals, earning coins to unlock items, and chasing high scores on the GameCenter leaderboards. There are no achievements to earn, however. We found ourselves oddly compelled to keep playing, and a good deal of our recent free time has been consumed with picking off fine feathered fiends. A universal app for $0.99, Shoot The Zombirds is an enjoyable 4.5-Dimple app.

Shoot The Zombirds Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-05-25T02:04:27+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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