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Bullistic Unleashed Review
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Bullistic Unleashed, a mature, Angry Birds-style arcade game from Millipede Creative Development, is now available from the app store. Featuring crude imagery and humor and familiar slingshot physics, Bullistic Unleashed is a fun, demolition-focused offering that comes with somewhat limited appeal.

Bullistic Unleashed Pros:

  • Cartoony art style and fun level designs
  • Variety of bull types whose order is user selected
  • Simple drag and tap controls
  • Variety of in-game elements to prolong bull’s journey and create cool chain reactions
  • GameCenter integration for leaderboards and achievements

Bullistic Unleashed Cons:

  • Crude, sophomoric humor detracts somewhat from the overall experience
  • Quite difficult to come anywhere close to 100% destruction
  • Not a lot of levels and limited visual variety

Instead of flinging birds at pigs, you’ll spend 20 levels sending a variety of bulls careening through malls, wiping out storefront and consumers alike. New bull types are unlocked and available for use by collecting gold coins spread throughout each level. In a nice change of pace, you are given the opportunity to select which bull types you’d like to fill each of a level’s limited slots, which adds an element of strategy to the game. Additionally, elements like elevators, explosive crates, bumpers, and barrel cannons can breathe life into a decelerated bull, sending it careening back through the level with renewed vigor. In order to progress, you must fill a damage meter beyond a certain percentage. Creating max damage can be quite a challenge, though it’s one you’ll find yourself returning to attempt again and again. The humor elements are the sticking point that create limited appeal, as they’ll likely turn off a number of players. The slingshot mechanic relies on the bull’s “boy parts” being stretched atop a pole to provide the requisite angle and velocity to initiate the destruction, and coming into contact with a cow will cause nature to take its course, albeit obscured by a black rectangle. There is also a good deal of cartoon blood and gore that kids may not be suitable for youngsters. They are unnecessary elements that add little to the overall experience.

Graphically, Bullistic Unleashed has an appealing cartoony look with objects that simply switch between a pristine state and destroyed state. The mall shoppers are animated, scurrying out of the way when possible, but there is not a great deal of dynamic animation to be found. Each level is designed to allow for a variety of ways to attack and succeed. There is no in-level soundtrack, which allows you to focus solely on sound effects for auditory enjoyment. Controls simply require you to drag and release to send the bulls flying, with the occasional screen tap to execute a bull’s special move, fire a bull from a cannon, etc. An aiming line can help you to line up your current shot in relation to your previous shot. Panning and zooming are possible using the expected gestures, allowing you to scope out the level before jumping in. Tilting appears to offer slight influence over the bull’s in-flight trajectory.

Replay value is decent, as you’ll require a number of attempts to figure out how to fully destroy a level. However, the 20 levels will go pretty quickly, leaving us wishing that the similarities to other popular puzzlers included their hundreds of available levels. GameCenter integration allows for global leaderboards and dozens of achievements to earn. A universal app for $1.99, Bullistic Unleashed is a crude and quirky 3.5-Dimple app.

Bullistic Unleashed Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-05-14T23:57:48+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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