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Saving Private Sheep 2 Review
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Saving Private Sheep 2, the follow-up to the survival puzzler from Bulkypix, is now available from the app store. Less a sequel and more a re-imagining of the original, Saving Private Sheep 2 uses a slingshot and coin-collecting mechanic rather than a block-elimination technique to thwart the kidnapping plans of the evil foxes.

Saving Private Sheep 2 Pros:

  • High-quality cartoon style and fun animations
  • Arcade soundtrack
  • Familiar slingshot controls with helpful aiming line
  • Variety of gadgets and hazards in play
  • Level editor for creating and sharing levels
  • GameCenter integration for achievements to earn

Saving Private Sheep 2 Cons:

  • Completely different game style from original
  • Lack of leaderboards makes level scores inconsequential
  • Must earn a certain number of coins to unlock level sharing option
  • Store items are prohibitively expensive, though certainly not necessary to enjoy the game

Saving Private Sheep 2 contains fewer puzzles than the original and virtually eliminates all traces of the gameplay that made the first iteration so charming. Previously, sheep contorted into pentagons needed to be led to safe surfaces by negotiating physics-based obstacles and eliminating a variety of block types. In the latest offering, you must slingshot porcupines around the board, passing them from stationary sheep to stationary sheep while collecting coins and a star scattered throughout each level. The final shot must hit and eliminate the guard fox, who at times is wearing armor that requires a strike from behind or a blast with a fiery porcupine. There is a timer that limits the amount of time you can spend within each level, but it doesn’t appear to factor into your final score in any apparent way. We suppose it doesn’t really matter anyway, as there are no global leaderboards to compare scores on anyway. Hazards like spikes, chickens, spiderwebs, and more will attempt to disrupt your efforts, though they don’t pose a great deal of trouble. You’ll have a nice variety of objects to use, like pneumatic tubes, fans, chili peppers, leaf parachutes, and cement blocks. The challenge ramps up smoothly and gameplay is enjoyable, but many gamers will likely be misled into thinking that this is more of the same gameplay to which they had become accustomed.

Graphically, Saving Private Sheep 2 has the same high-quality cartoon feel of the first, though the overall art style is a bit different. Animations are fluid, and an aiming line makes completing the tasks a lot easier. The soundtrack is catchy without being overbearing. Controls are of the familiar drag-backward-and-release variety that many slingshot games use. Porcupines can also be tapped to release them from their spherical shape and reload a new one. Sticky honey will require you to shake your device to dislodge a stuck porcupine, which didn’t work in a clear or reliable way. Replay value is good, as picking up all items in each level or or boosting your high scores will likely require some repeated playthroughs of many levels. GameCenter integration provides an achievement system, as well. There is also access to the same level editor used by the devs to create the levels available in the game, so creative players will be able to bring their own ideas to fruition, sharing with others through a premium option unlocked via in-game currency. A universal app for $0.99, Saving Private Sheep 2 is a worthwhile 4-Dimple adventure.

Saving Private Sheep 2 Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-04-23T23:26:17+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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