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Little Labyrinths Review
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Little Labyrinths, a maze-solving affair from ByteSize Games, is now available from the app store. With gameplay focused on split-second decisions and lightning-fast fingers, Little Labyrinths proves that good things come in small packages.

Little Labyrinths Pros:

  • Simple graphics with a variety of available characters, goal items, and environments
  • Arcade soundtrack
  • Drag controls are intuitive and easy to use
  • GameCenter integration for leaderboards and achievements to earn

Little Labyrinths Cons:

  • Fingers can obscure your view
  • Easy to hit wall or overshoot turns, requiring you to redrag from character to goal
  • Procedurally-generated levels can lead to significant differences in maze length and difficulty

Little Labyrinths tasks you with solving screen-sized mazes as quickly as possible. You get to choose your character, its desired object, the location, and the game mode. There are 4 game modes available, though only 2 (Classic & Zen) are unlocked from the start. Similarly, 2 characters, 2 items, and 2 locations are also unlocked from the start, with the option to use money earned in-game (or purchased through IAP) to unlock additional characters, items, locations, and modes (3-Minute & Speed). Mazes are procedurally-generated, giving you a fresh look every time and preventing players from memorizing and practicing certain layouts. Classic mode gives you an aggregate timer that ticks down as you play, picking up where it left off on each subsequent maze until it fully expires. A handful of items appear within the mazes, which can add back time, increase your point multiplier, or give you some coins to use in unlocking gameplay aspects. Zen mode removes all item pick-ups, timers, points, and anything else remotely competitive. It’s more of a relaxed practice mode than anything else. In 3-Minute mode, you shoot for the best point total within, you guessed it, three minutes, while Speed closely resembles Classic but with a timer that resets for each level. It does deplete significantly faster, though.

The graphics are pretty simplistic and the interface is clean, tucking your timer bar in the upper left corner and your point total in the upper right. The soundtrack has a nice arcade feel, a solid backdrop for the game. Controls are strictly drag-based, requiring you to drag your character through the open corridors to the end goal item. We were quite impressed with how responsive and smooth the control mechanic was, though there were still a number of times that we would overshoot a turn or drag through a wall that caused our character to get stuck. The biggest problem was that our finger would obscure our view when traveling from left to right or from bottom to top. The procedurally-generated levels can also create surprisingly long mazes or stupidly quick routes between beginning and end. There’s a bit of a luck-of-the-draw feel to it sometimes.

Replay value is very good, with unlockable thresholds set high enough to require a bit of a time sink to unlock them all. The high-score chasing nature of the game also lends itself to many repeated plays. GameCenter integration provides leaderboards, as well as dozens of achievements. A universal app for $0.99, Little Labyrinths is a fun 4-Dimple challenge.

Little Labyrinths Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-04-19T02:06:34+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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