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On The Wind Review
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On The Wind, a windswept casual “runner” from Don’t Step On The Cracks, is now available from the app store. Featuring a pleasant aesthetic, simple gameplay, and intuitive touch controls, On The Wind is a relaxing journey that’s a breeze to play.

On The Wind Pros:

  • Terrific visuals with morphing color patterns to denote different seasons
  • Relaxing soundtrack that syncs with the gameplay
  • Simple one-touch controls that auto-pause when your finger lifts from the screen
  • Randomly-generated environments increase replay value tremendously
  • GameCenter integration for leaderboards and achievements to earn

On The Wind Cons:

  • Fingers can obscure view of the game

You are the wind, or rather, your finger is while it makes contact with the screen. As the wind, you whip through an auto side-scrolling landscape, blowing leaves off of trees and collecting them in your swirl. You must direct this swirl through maze-like areas, snagging as many leaves as possible with penalties for any left clinging to the nearly-barren trees. When swirling leaves get too close to the passing environment, they crash into the ground and form flowers. Your journey ends when you lose your last leaf or your swirl gets trapped and pushed off of the screen’s left side. It’s a fun and charming experience, marred only slightly by our finger’s tendency to obstruct our view. Though it is suggested that we use our left thumb on the extreme left side of the screen, this was an uncomfortable way to play. This issue isn’t nearly as pronounced on the larger iPad screen.

Graphically, the environments use a lot of bright colors, altering color schemes based on the current season. Though it feels like an endless game, you are actually blowing through 60-second versions of each season with randomly-generated environmental make-ups. Leaves are also brightly-colored, yet they still stand out nicely against the appealing backdrops. The overall look is high quality, as the game exudes a simplistic, modern look that works nicely. Gameplay speeds up as you get deeper into the game, though the animations remain smooth. Stats regarding leaves collected, leaves missed, time passed, and flowers created are given when you die, as well as your score. The soundtrack avoids the usual upbeat trappings and instead goes for subdued musical notes and a wind-whipping-through-nature accompaniment. The controls are dead simple, and the game auto-pauses whenever you lift your finger.

Replay value is good, with new strategies honed as you progress and the incentive of new high scores pushing you to keep playing. It’s a terrific selection to veg out with for a few minutes at a time. GameCenter integration provides leaderboards and a couple dozen fun achievements to earn. A universal app for $1.99, On The Wind is an enjoyable 4-Dimple experience.

On The Wind Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-04-05T00:13:08+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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