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Gunman Clive Review
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Gunman Clive, a Megaman-inspired platformer set in the Wild West, has been developed by Bertil Horberg and is now available from the app store. Featuring a great retro look and simple, no-frills gameplay, Gunman Clive is a great addition to your platforming collection.

Gunman Clive Pros:

  • Great sepia-toned sketch imagery that has an old-time feel
  • Frantic arcade-style soundtrack
  • Controls can be resized and locked into place
  • Levels are well-constructed and fun

Gunman Clive Cons:

  • Some control sensitivity issues, could be tighter
  • No social gaming network integration
  • Short campaign

When the mayor’s daughter gets kidnapped, Gunman Clive snaps into action, making his way through 16 relatively quick levels and challenging boss battles to rescue the damsel. Controls provide a virtual 4-direction joypad, as well as dedicated jump and shoot buttons. The joypad moves with you, though it can be locked into place for greater reliability. The buttons can also be resized, though not repositioned. Once we found a comfortable size and locked the joypad down, we were on our way to blasting bad guys, ducks, panthers, and any other obstacles that crossed our path. There are ladders, moving platforms, and other items to use in maneuvering, though dropping into a pit has the unforgiving consequence of sending you back to the level start. Contacting enemies and getting shot will deplete your health bar, though gobbling up some cake left behind by vanquished foes will give you a small health boost. The occasional weapon drop offers a temporary spread shot that is helpful in taking down the bad guys. There is no timer, no points, and no real reason to kill anyone if you don’t want to, though is will make your life easier. Despite the short levels and frequent death, we really enjoyed the twists and turns of your journey. Boss battles require planning and dexterity, providing a great break from the normal action.

The graphics are a stand out feature, utilizing a sepia-toned sketched style that drives home the old school, Wild West feel. Animations are simple, and the physics are good, albeit a bit floaty. Enemies killed by your gun turn to dust and melt back into the environment in satisfying fashion. The soundtrack has a frantic, arcade feel that isn’t what you’d expect in a western setting, though it doesn’t feel all that out-of-place, either. The controls work well with the aforementioned tweaks, though we were disappointed that we couldn’t aim up or down. Crouching allows you to shoot at a slightly lower trajectory, but it’s not the same. Replay value is somewhat limited due to the lack of quantifiable data, a short campaign, and no social gaming network integration. It is fun while it lasts, and the great production values alone will likely compel us to return for another playthrough or two. A universal app for $1.99, Gunman Clive is a well-designed 4-Dimple choice.

Gunman Clive Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-04-05T00:12:54+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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