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Gnu Revenge Review
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Gnu Revenge, a physics-based space puzzler developed by Vaze and published by Bulkypix, was just released and is available from the app store. Featuring a polished presentation, simple puzzles, and no timer to rush you through the game, Gnu Revenge is an ultra-casual offering that may just be too casual to sustain your attention for long.

Gnu Revenge Pros:

  • Polished cartoon graphics and fun gravity-influenced animations
  • Atmospheric soundtrack reinforces relaxed gaming experience
  • Simple, one-button controls are a breeze
  • GameCenter integration for achievements to earn

Gnu Revenge Cons:

  • No comparable stats to create leaderboards
  • Simplistic gameplay gets repetitive quickly

Unbeknownst to humans (or me, at least), gnus have been taking crap from crocodiles for a long time. They’ve finally decided to fight back, and they’ve chosen space as their arena of pain. Gnu Revenge contains 72 levels spanning four distinct environments. You begin each level on a launching pad from which you can boost yourself upon a fixed trajectory into space, using your body to burst three bubbles containing your captured gnu friends before using your horns like a battering ram to smash your UFO-bound crocodile foe into the outer reaches of space. A single button activates your jetpack, giving you unlimited boosting power. Of course, just cranking on the boost will likely send you on a one-way trip into nothingness. Planets, black holes, nebulas, and more create gravitational fields that must be negotiated in order to accomplish your goal. Oscillating cannons, portals, and other items are incorporated into the action in enjoyable ways. The gameplay boils down to a delicate balance of when to boost and how much to boost to keep you from smashing into celestial bodies or losing your directional focus. There is no timer and no points are earned by your efforts. Each level’s success is measured by the number of saved buddies, and subsequent worlds require a target amount of saved gnus to unlock. Though it’s a relatively simple game, the challenges do ramp up and offer some nice head-scratching puzzles and twitchy gameplay.

Graphically, Gnu Revenge has a cool cartoon-style presentation with fun animations and smooth gameplay. The planets are colorful and detailed, and connecting with a crocodile causes a great hyperspace-type sequence that creates a sense of speed and force that’s very satisfying. The soundtrack is atmospheric and subdued, a nice spacey backdrop that complements its casual style. The controls are dead-simple and very responsive. Replay value is limited, given the lack of comparable data to allow for leaderboards, though GameCenter achievements are included. Despite its positives, the game lacks any real stakes and gets repetitive after a short while. A universal app for $0.99, Gnu Revenge is an entertaining 3.5-Dimple affair.

Gnu Revenge Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-03-29T01:56:29+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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