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Swordigo Review
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Swordigo, Touch Foo’s charming, side-scrolling platformer with light RPG elements, is now available from the app store. In their first release since Soosiz, Touch Foo incorporates many of the same elements that made their previous offering such a big hit.

Swordigo Pros:

  • Colorful and detailed graphics that improve upon the Soosiz style
  • Upbeat and cheery soundtrack matching the light, casual atmosphere
  • Responsive, customizable controls with dedicated buttons for jump, attack, and magic
  • Expansive worlds, varied enemies, and lots of mini-quests to complete
  • Earned XP traded for improved health, attack, or magic abilities
  • OpenFeint and GameCenter integration for leaderboards and achievements

Swordigo Cons:

  • Still looking…..

Playing as a young boy, you are sent on a mission to find your master who hasn’t been seen since he went walking in the woods. You find his body with a note warning that the Corrupters have returned and can only be defeated by….. you guessed it, you! You set out to complete a variety of mini-quests, quickly acquiring a sword to slice up any enemies that get in your way. Large spiders, ground-dwelling spiky beetles, giant bats, and all sorts of strange beings can harm you if you’re not careful. There are even a number of bosses to battle. Pottery and treasure chests contain gems for you to collect. Objects such as large boxes can be picked up and moved around to aid you in reaching areas that are out of the way. It’s all very intuitive and enjoyable. The gaming world is broken down into smaller segments that seamlessly connect to one another, and portals allow you to quickly move from place to distant place. Little by little, your character will level up, allowing you to improve his health, attacks, or magical abilities. The difficulty ramp up is smooth, and enemies present a greater challenge as you progress. The same indescribable qualities that made Soosiz so engaging seem to have been injected into Swordigo to create yet another simple yet surprisingly enthralling experience.

Graphically, Swordigo’s style is reminiscent of Soosiz, though more detailed and sprawling maps make this feel like the logical progression of a dev team that’s really starting to come into their own. Bold, colorful scenery creates an appealing aesthetic that we can really get onboard with, and the soundtrack has a epic adventure feel to it that is enhanced by the Zelda-like sound effects. There is no voiceover work, as the devs opted instead for text boxes to further the story. The controls are pretty standard, offering left and right buttons for movement, as well as jump, attack, and magic attack buttons. When you need to interact with an object, one of these will turn into a hand and allow you to perform actions like lifting. Double-jumping causes our hero to perform flips that add a little flair to the game, and we found the controls to be very responsive overall. Configurable controls promise to give you the most comfortable playing experience possible.

Replay value is very good, as subsequent playthroughs give you the opportunity to explore areas you may have missed previously, allocate XP in different ways, and use alternative weapons and spells from your first attempt. OpenFeint and GameCenter leaderboards allow you to challenge others for top scores while picking up a number of achievements along the way. Multiple game save slots allow more than one player to enjoy Swordigo without affecting the stats of another player, and your progress syncs to the cloud so that you can pick up where you left off on any of your devices. A universal app for a mere $1.99, Swordigo is a wonderful 5-Dimple addition to any iOS device.

Swordigo Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-03-25T00:11:00+00:00 rating 5.0 out of 5

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