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Kung Fu Rabbit Review
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Kung Fu Rabbit, a new platformer developed by Ctools and published by Bulkypix, is available from the app store. Featuring a terrific art style, simple button-based controls, and bite-sized levels, Kung Fu Rabbit may not necessarily stand out, but it certainly shouldn’t be ignored.

Kung Fu Rabbit Pros:

  • Beautiful art style and smooth gameplay mechanics
  • Control buttons move to accommodate your finger placement while offering good responsiveness
  • Great puzzle design and tons of bite-sized levels
  • GameCenter integration for an achievement system

Kung Fu Rabbit Cons:

  • No quantifiable data to compare against other gamers
  • Lack of timed mode diminished replay value
  • Perks in Dojo lack clear information regarding persistence; interface is a bit confusing

When all of your bunny pupils are rabbit-napped by Universal Evil, the role of rescuer lands squarely on your shoulders. You must navigate 60 levels spread across 3 worlds (and 10 bonus levels that unlock as you progress), with one small bunny awaiting your triumphant arrival at each level’s end. You’ll only be able to recover said bunny by avoiding the evil black tar and patrolling enemies that stand in your way. Enemies have weak points that you must exploit, forcing you to attack in a certain way or from a specific direction to kill them. Each level also contains 4 carrots to collect while you negotiate the various structures. Carrots act as a form of in-game currency, exchanged in the dojo for persistent or one-time perks that affect gameplay in various way, such as setting up checkpoints, gaining super-strength, allowing you to jump on enemy heads, using gravity-defying tools, and more. Wall-climbing, wall-jumping, and wall-sliding are crucial maneuvers necessary to stave off instant death, and the responsive controls make this a manageable task. Be prepared to die often, as trial-and-error is needed to learn the ins and outs of each level before perfecting your route. There is no timer and no speed-based element to deal with, so you can take your time, think things through, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Graphically, Kung Fu Rabbit’s locations have a distinctive look and feel that’s both artsy and classic, though distinguishing between background and foreground items often led to some unnecessary deaths and ill-advised maneuvers. There are a number of invisible walls that keep the rabbit from moving out of the gaming area, but these also factored into some of the confusion, too. Despite these quirks, we are fans of the look and appreciate the attention to detail shown in crafting these environments. The soundtrack has a relaxing, soothing vibe that fits its laid back, no pressure-no timer feel. There are also a number of fun sound effects that add to the experience. The controls offer a left and right button for movements, as well as a jump button. Wall-climbing and wall-jumping involved jumping while pressed against a wall and hitting either direction arrow. Wall-sliding is automatic and requires no special moves. We really enjoyed these mechanics and felt they were implemented well.

Replay value is decent, though a lack of quantifiable data to compare performance marks against other players leaves little incentive to return to previous levels other than to collect any missed carrots or enjoy the experience. There is a hard mode that unlocks after completing the game in normal mode, adding elements introduced in later levels to all of the game’s levels, but we really would have liked a speed-run mode that offered global leaderboards to go along with the GameCenter achievements. A universal app for $0.99, Kung Fu Rabbit is a very solid 3.5-Dimple choice.

Kung Fu Rabbit Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-03-17T21:44:58+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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