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Heist: The Score Review
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Heist: The Score, a 1920’s on-rails FPS from N3V Games, is now available from the app store. Featuring fast-paced action, multiple weapons, and an overwhelming onslaught of guards in your way, Heist: The Score is an enjoyable experience while it lasts.

Heist: The Score Pros:

  • Nice era-specific presentation and soundtrack
  • Responsive touch controls with large buttons
  • Multiple weapons to dispatch the law
  • Plenty of statistics maintained to help you evaluate your efforts

Heist: The Score Cons:

  • Dialogue is pretty awful
  • No GameCenter support
  • No difficulty levels
  • Gameplay is fairly standard and relatively short

As a low-level mafia enforcer, you’re part of a small team of thugs whose efforts to pull off a seemingly simple bank robbery go awry. A small army of armed guards appear in wave after wave of gun-slinging action as you get pulled from one scenario to another, left to defend yourself against grenades and heavy fire. When engaged in firefights, you have access to button to dodge/cover, fire, and switch/reload weapons. At your disposal are a pistol, a Tommy gun, a rifle, and a shotgun, though the latter two will need to be picked up along the way. Your aiming crosshairs light up red when trained on a target, giving you a visual indicator of the best opportunity to do some damage. Your health replenishes while taking cover, so it’s important to take breaks to reload and catch your breath. Ammo boxes that appear in various locations can be shot to replenish some of your supply, which will run out quickly and leave you with only a pistol to take on the law. There are 7 chapters to work through, though none are all that lengthy. Despite the relatively short and fairly standard gameplay, we enjoyed the game a great deal.

Graphically, Heist: The Score does a nice job of recreating an old-time look with nice graphics and an era-specific soundtrack. The dialogue also has a centuries-old style, though the lines that these gangsters are spewing are pretty awful. The screen turns deeper and deeper shades of red as you take damage until you finally keel over. Each time you move from one location to the next, your progress is saved, allowing you to restart from the most recent checkpoint after dying. The controls are pretty simple, allowing you to drag your finger around the screen to aim and tap the fire button in the lower right corner to shoot. The dodge button in the lower left corner will be highly useful, and tapping in the upper right allows you to swap weapons quickly. Tilt controls are also an option, and sensitivity controls allow you to adjust as necessary.

Replay value is pretty decent, as the game maintains a good number of statistics such as hit percentage with each weapon, body location of kill shots, etc. The lack of GameCenter support is disappointing, and the absence of difficulty levels can leave some gamers struggling and others wishing for something more. A universal app on launch sale for $0.99, Heist: The Score is a fun, 4-Dimple adventure.

Heist: The Score Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-03-05T02:51:42+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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