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Clear Vision (17+) Review
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Clear Vision (17+), FDG Entertainment’s sniping adventure based on a popular flash game, is now available from the app store. With its simple touch interface and quirky story, no stick figures are safe from your high-powered weaponry.

Clear Vision (17+) Pros:

  • Neat stick figure presentation and cool hand-drawn backgrounds
  • Simple tap and drag controls
  • Must take wind and distance into account when making the shot
  • Underground boxing club for gambling your winnings

Clear Vision (17+) Cons:

  • Controls can be finicky, affecting your aim when you lift your finger
  • Overall gameplay is very short
  • No social gaming network integration
  • Gameplay is overly easy, some missions practically complete themselves

Playing as Tyler, you get pushed just a bit too far at your supermarket job, and the best alternative work you can find is as a sniper doing odd jobs for seedy clients. Within your apartment, you switch between a couple of static rooms, accepting jobs offered via e-mail or notes slipped through your mail slot. Each job brings with it a sizeable payment, and money can be used to purchase more powerful weapons, five in all. Most jobs are one-shot affairs, lasting less than a minute. Picking out the target can be difficult at times, as not all stick figures are distinguishable from one another. As you progress, you’ll need to compensate for both distance and wind. This is fairly easy, as hovering over your target will give you a distance reading, and your wind correction is listed in the upper corner. The reticule contains all of the relevant info to line up your shot. Gameplay was surprisingly easy, though some of the timing-based missions can leave you high and dry if you aren’t quick enough with the trigger. There are even a handful of levels that don’t require you to take a shot. Instead, you’ll place a cell phone call to activate a car bomb or crush a car with a guy inside in order to extract some info. Overall, it is fun, though the simplicity and relative shortness of the entire campaign can be disappointing for players looking for just a bit more.

Graphically, the stick figure style works well and helps to desensitize the gamer from the violence that is punctuated by pools of bloods and panicked bystanders. The hand-drawn backdrops and animated cut scenes add some life to the game and are actually quite enjoyable to watch, despite a ton of awful spelling and grammatical errors. There isn’t much of a soundtrack to speak of, though a few sound effects do give you some auditory feedback. The controls are tap and drag, requiring taps to move about the apartments, select missions, purchase and equip guns, and fire the deadly projectile. Dragging is used to line up the shot, which works pretty well except that lifting your finger off of the screen often causes the reticule to jump just a bit. This was a fairly noticeable annoyance that required a lot of re-aiming and hoping for the best.

Replay value is fairly low at this time, though updates are expected to add more content. There is no social gaming network integration, so you won’t be able to compare scores with others. You can check your own stats on a board in your apartment, though. An underground boxing club also allows you to bet your earnings on brutal boxing matches, though picking the winner feels a lot like winning a coin toss. A universal app for $0.99, Clear Vision (17+) is a decent 3.5-Dimple option.

Clear Vision (17+) Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-02-28T01:53:11+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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