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Eufloria HD Review
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Eufloria HD, a gorgeous minimalistic take on RTS games that supplants armies with elements of nature, is now available from the app store. Developed by Omni Systems Limited, Eufloria HD provides a variety of objectives and an array of factors to take into consideration within a simple, eye-catching interface.

Eufloria HD Pros:

  • Gorgeous, minimalistic presentation
  • Relaxing soundtrack
  • Intuitive and simple control methods
  • Different tree types, seedling attributes, and objectives allow for varying strategies
  • GameCenter integration for achievements

Eufloria HD Cons:

  • Building up seedlings and overwhelming the enemy works in most cases
  • Relic collecting is fairly useless
  • No leaderboards or multiplayer; minimal stat maintenance

Eufloria HD offers a Story mode that plays like an extended, hands-on tutorial, as well as Skirmish Arenas with specific objectives. The Story mode contains 5 locations with 5 levels in each. Gaming elements are introduced one at a time, offering new abilities, new items, and the like. The goal of each level varies, but the general theme of conquest reigns supreme. You are presented with a field of asteroids that you must come to possess by sending orbiting seedlings from one celestial body to another. You take possession of an asteroid by planting a tree, an act that requires the use of 10 seedlings which burrow deep into the surface and take root to grow large and glorious over time. You’ll come to discover that there are multiple tree types, such as basic Dyson trees that spawn new seedlings, defensive trees that put up a decent fight against enemy seedlings, terraform trees that can boost a single resource, and more. Asteroids are rated on three attributes: speed, strength, and energy. An asteroid’s properties are passed on to its seedlings, better equipping some for evading defenses, some for withstanding damage inflicted by enemies, and so on.

Seedlings can be sent forth singly to scout new areas or in groups, with exact numbers set easily using a click-wheel selection method. Tapping on an occupied asteroid brings up an info panel, which is also accessible on asteroids where scouts are present, giving you crucial data prior to launching an ill-advised attack. This panel indicates the asteroid’s levels of strength, energy, and speed, the number of seedlings and enemies, the types of trees present, etc. The number of seedlings present on an asteroid directly impacts how far you can see and whether another asteroid is within range to send out seedlings.

Graphically, Eufloria HD uses stunningly simple graphics to great effect, with orangish skies, grey asteroids, and baby blue seedlings. Little flourishes like attacked asteroids and trees glowing red add an extra touch. The whole presentation is very clean and easy to manipulate. Speed controls allow you to adjust the swiftness of gameplay, a great help given the general slowness of play. The soundtrack is equally beautiful, creating a relaxing soundscape that meshes well with the graphics. Controls are simple to use and fairly intuitive. Drag to pan and pinch to zoom allow you to adjust your viewpoint quickly. There are multiple ways to send seedlings, but our favored method was to tap on the source and drag to the target. The target becomes surrounded by a green circle, and dragging your finger around the circle to set the number of seedlings to send. A confirmation tap will put things into motion.

Replay value is good, as different strategies can produce much different results. The only stat tracked is time required to complete the objective, so there are limited ways to improve upon completion of a level at this time. Some asteroids contain artifacts that can be collected and oogled as a quirky, secondary objective, but they serve no meaningful purpose. Two difficulty levels allow you to tailor the game to your liking. GameCenter integration provides an achievement system, but no leaderboards. An iPad-only offering for $4.99, Eufloria HD is a 4-Dimple challenge worth checking out.

Eufloria HD Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-02-16T00:38:41+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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