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Furmins HD Review
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Furmins HD, a clever physics puzzler from Housemarque, is now available from the app store. Using a variety of moveable objects, you’ll need to figure out the most effective placement to deliver the furry rodents to their end goal while snagging a few treats in the process.

Furmins HD Pros:

  • Beautiful graphics with artsy backdrops and precise puzzle design
  • Soothing and enjoyable soundtrack
  • Easy-to-use drag and tap controls
  • Three-star system rewards you for collecting all candy in the level

Furmins HD Cons:

  • No social gaming network integration
  • Fingers obscure moveable objects during placement phase
  • The overall experience simply doesn’t excite

Furmins HD contains a dozen levels in each of 8 stages, with the first 3 stages unlocked from the start. Each level presents you with a blinking set of objects such as ramps, trampolines, balls, melting ice blocks, and more that you can drag around the board. Once satisfied with their placement, you tap the play button to watch the Furmins drop from their starting point and see if your completed contraption can deliver them safely to the waiting basket. There are a few objects that you can interact with, like bumper pads that are activated by tapping on-screen when the Furmin passes over, which sends it airborne. You are scored on each level via the typical 3-star system, with the stars being awarded for snagging what appear to be peppermint candies that are placed in various locations around the level. Star counts are important, as they are used to unlock latter stages.

Graphically, Furmins HD uses a more classic style than the cartoon aesthetic seen in many other popular games in this genre. Backgrounds are artsy and pleasant. Color palettes are dominated by Earth tones, and the wooden framing of most puzzles lends an air of precision to the overall designs, which are quite nice. We really enjoyed the timing aspect of some puzzles. For instance, one puzzle features ice blocks that melt away at just the right moment to allow the Furmin to pass under the previously-supported boulder before it crashes down. Solving this gave us a great feeling of satisfaction when we found the proper positioning of each. It also made it clear that finding your own solution was not a major feature of this game, as the developers clearly had a predetermined method of solving each puzzle in mind when they created the game. Unfortunately, the difficulties we had in precisely positioning the moveable objects were the standout features that left a bit of a sour taste. Given the very small size of the objects, our fingers typically covered them completely, making it difficult to see when a red X would indicate an illegal placement. You can pinch-to-zoom, but zooming in and out repeatedly gets tedious. The soundtrack was catchy in an unobtrusive way, providing a soothing backdrop.

Replay value is limited, though snagging any missed stars will give you a reason to come back for a bit more, especially if you are of the completionist mindset. GameCenter integration is non-existent, as is any form of global leaderboards or achievements which further serves to limit replay value. A universal app for $2.99, Furmins HD is a fun 4-Dimple challenge while it lasts.

Furmins HD Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-02-12T17:57:34+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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