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Dungeon Crawlers Review
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Dungeon Crawlers, a 3D turn-based strategic RPG developed by Drowning Monkeys and published by Ayopa Games, is now available from the app store. Featuring oversaturated imagery, fun animations, and a healthy attempt at humor, Dungeon Crawlers looks great and offers a fun experience.

Dungeon Crawlers Pros:

  • Colorful and stylish 3D environments
  • Engaging soundtrack
  • Simple tap controls handle just about all necessary actions
  • Light RPG elements for improving character stats and equipping items
  • GameCenter integration for over a dozen achievements to earn

Dungeon Crawlers Cons:

  • Overall gameplay feels slower than necessary with no way to skip/fast-forward
  • Linear experience and lack of randomization hurt replay value

To start, you control a crew of three men: Payter, Aegon, and Roy. Payter’s focus is on melee attacks, as he wields a sword and can only harm creatures next to him. Aegon utilizes ranged attacks to dispose of foes, while Roy’s healing prayers can replenish the health of the wounded warriors. The group moves around throughout a dungeon with a gridded floor, searching for secrets and battling a variety of enemies. Combat mode is initiated upon entering a room containing enemies, forcing you to alternate taking shots at eliminating the threats before you. Some attacks will miss, while others hit with varied success. Defeating enemies in combat will earn XP, which will eventually level up your characters. As you progress, you’ll pick up another character and meet some really challenging foes. To combat their increased difficulty, you are able to earn new abilities, which can be useful in certain situations and increase the power of your characters. There are even items to be found that, when equipped, will increase your character stats, too. These light RPG elements add a good deal to the game, and the turn-based gameplay is fun, too, but the overall pacing of the game can be tedious. This serves to give the gamer a chance to follow along with enemy attack patterns and possibly pick up some strategic pointers.

Graphically, Dungeon Crawlers has a colorful, stylish look, using transparent walls, color-coded tiles, and lighting effects to give a clear view and sharp focus to the present situation and dangers. Each character, as well as each enemy, has a distinct look, and access to information regarding health, current abilities, and more are just a tap away. Selecting characters, determining target locations, and confirming actions all require taps, too. The only annoying aspect we found was the confusion when trying to switch from Roy the healer to one of the other characters, as the game thinks that the player you want to switch to should be the target of Roy’s healing prayers. We had to go into the character selection area and spin the selection circle to switch players effectively. You can use a two-finger swipe to spin the room for a different viewpoint, or swipe with a single digit to pan around from you current vantage point. Character animations are fluid and fun to watch. The soundtrack has a movie score feel, creating an air of great importance that’s not quite matched by the cartoonish and quirky presentation, which includes several attempts at jokey dialogue and an oversaturation of Ghostbusters references. We might have found it annoying if we weren’t such big fans of the movie series.

Replay value is good, though the lack of randomization makes for a fairly linear and predictable experience upon subsequent attempts. With only a dozen levels at launch, there isn’t a ton of content to keep you involved, either. GameCenter integration offers over a dozen achievements to earn, though they are mostly awarded for completing chapters for finding trophies. A universal app for $1.99, Dungeon Crawlers is a solid 4-Dimple game.

Dungeon Crawlers Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-02-05T15:23:34+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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