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Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! Review
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Zombie Wonderland 2; Outta Time!, Chillingo’s follow-up to their previous zombie-shootin’-and-scrubbin’ title, is now available from the app store. With developer Xoobis bringing similar gameplay to the original, as well as an actual story, a stepped-up challenge, and more zany enemies, Zombie Wonderland 2 is yet another undead title that’s worth a look.

Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! Pros:

  • Same colorful and cartoonish presentation as the original
  • Creepy funhouse-style soundtrack sets the proper mood
  • Simple tap and swipe controls make interacting with your world a breeze
  • Interesting storyline with a variety of new locations and wacky weapons to enjoy
  • GameCenter and Crystal integration for global leaderboards and achievements

Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! Cons:

  • Screen taps can be misinterpreted
  • Some app instability
  • Little changed to make it stand out against the original

Chuck makes his return to provide nightly defense of a smattering of locations that have become targets of zombie desires. With an isometric viewpoint of Chuck’s one-room stronghold sans pesky rooftop, you’ll need to divide time between boarding windows to slow the onslaught, blasting walkers through the open slats of said boarded windows, and cleansing splattered zombie innards in an effort to maintain a tidy space, all while protecting the integrity of a specific item within the room. The storyline makes the safety of these protected items of utmost importance as you team up with a scientist on a scavenger hunt to deliver these items to the proper individuals (and in the proper time periods) in order to effect change that will eradicate the zombies once and for all. You’ll need to spend 3 nights at each location, fending off foes in order to obtain the desired object. In addition to your trusty shotgun, you’ll earn more powerful ammo, turrets, better cleaning equipment, and other perks that will assist you in keeping the baddies at bay. Things get frantic pretty quickly. While the perks are helpful, we often found them more trouble than they are worth.

Graphically, Zombie Wonderland 2 has the same polished cartoon look as the first, with little to distinguish one version from another outside of their different locations. Swiping your finger around the screen allows you to spin your viewpoint and pinching allows you to zoom in or out. Tapping on zombies will fire a shot, and tapping the various icons found around the screen perimeter allow you to select new ammo, use perks, board up windows, and clean floors. While these controls are simple to use, taps are sometimes misinterpreted, costing you health, wasted ammo, time, etc. The soundtrack plays out with a haunted fun house vibe that’s well-suited for this title, giving things a creepy fun feel.

Replay value is decent, and a little grinding is likely necessary to earn enough money to max out all items without resorting to IAP. While it doesn’t do a lot to improve upon the original, the small additions and extra polish make this the definitive version of the game. GameCenter and Crystal integration offers leaderboards and a number of achievements, as well. A universal app on launch sale for $0.99 (regularly $2.99), Zombie Wonderland 2 is an enjoyable 4-Dimple effort.

Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-01-18T00:08:20+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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