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Run Roo Run Review
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Run Roo Run, a casual tap-based runner from 5th Cell, is now available from the app store. Boasting a ridiculous number of levels, appealing graphics, and a bevy of mechanics to utilize, Run Roo Run is an enjoyable game with wide appeal.

Run Roo Run Pros:

  • Cute and quirky cartoonish presentation with tons of gaming elements to utilize
  • Upbeat and fun soundtrack
  • Ultra-simple tap controls
  • Tons of simple casual levels and plenty of devious extreme levels to challenge all players
  • GameCenter integration for global leaderboards and achievements

Run Roo Run Cons:

  • Medal system is flawed as just about any first-run completion receives gold
  • Some regular levels solve themselves and the difficulty balance is a little off

When Roo finds that her joey has been kanga-napped and taken to a zoo on the other side of the Outback, she sets off on a journey to recover her young and there is nothing that will stop her. Run Roo Run contains 20 stages, each containing 15 regular levels and 6 extreme levels that are unlocked upon completing all regular levels in a stage. This isn’t a difficult task, as most levels can be completed in under 3 seconds, provided it is your first attempt. Since failed attempts don’t reset the timer, you’ll need to mash the reset button often to snag the proper hardware once you get the timing down. Each stage introduces a new gaming element, with latter stages mixing and matching previously-encountered elements to create a greater challenge. Things start off slow and never really pick up the pace throughout the regular levels. You’ll first spend 15 levels simply jumping over environmental objects like cacti and watering holes that will kill you on contact. Before long, you’ll earn double-jumping powers, encounter tires that propel you greater distances, use fans to reach higher areas, utilize moving clouds and crumbling platforms, and much more. Some levels will require sound timing and memorization, while others practically solve themselves. It is in the extreme levels that you’ll find a real challenge, as these maddening designs require pinpoint accuracy of a far greater magnitude.

Graphically, Run Roo Run brings a fun cartoonish look and simple animations that get the job done without standing out in any real way. Each level fits within the confines of a single screen, so you can see all obstacles at any given time. Each jump lays down an arrow at the point of departure, so you can revise your failed attempts as necessary. If you get really stuck, there are a few special options that can help you through by instantly beating the level or using slow-mo to get past tricky situations. Additional “cheats” can be purchased through IAP, but we found no use for these cheats as a little perseverance should get your through. The audio is upbeat and cheery, and the controls use taps to start each level and initiate each jump. The auto-running Roo requires no other controls beyond that, and this mechanic works quite well.

Replay value is good, as there are often ways to shave fractions of seconds off of your gold times, and silver and bronze can easily be improved by completing a level in a single run. The extreme levels should keep seasoned gamers playing for a while, and the developers are promising to add 10 new levels per week. Even if these are of the 3-second regular variety, it’s still fresh content. GameCenter is used for leaderboards for each stage and over 4 dozen achievements. At $0.99 (or $1.99 for the iPad version), Run Roo Run is a quirky 4.5-Dimple offering.

Run Roo Run Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2012-01-16T16:41:14+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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