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The Adventures of Tintin Review
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The Adventures of Tintin, Gameloft’s latest and possibly best movie tie-in game to date, is now available from the app store. Providing a solid story, Pixar-style graphic quality, and a nice variety of gameplay mechanics, Tintin is an engaging experience that raises the bar for all others.

The Adventures of Tintin Pros:

  • Gorgeous graphics worthy of comparison to Pixar films
  • Nice voice work and audio that heightens the experience
  • Easy-to-use tap and swipe controls
  • Plenty of puzzles and a variety of gaming elements to keep the experience fresh
  • Strong story and engaging gameplay are fun for all gamers

The Adventures of Tintin Cons:

  • Some control quirks and responsiveness issues
  • Occasional crashing
  • Limited replay value

Tintin is a young lad who innocently purchases a model ship from an elderly man, only to be approached by a mysterious gentleman bent on acquiring the same item. Shortly after this man is sent on his way, Tintin is mugged for the ship, spurning the adventure as he sets out to reclaim his model. With his canine sidekick called Snowy, Tintin must work through a series of mini-games that see you solving simple puzzles, using stealthy maneuvers, switching control between main characters, and sitting through multiple cut scenes that progress the story. There are also puzzle pieces and gold coins scattered throughout the game, which you can tap to collect. You can interact with them during cut scenes or actual gameplay, but you’ll need to be quick as many of the objects appear as cameras pan around the environment. These items are used to purchase new puzzles and unlock collectible images. For the most part, all of the various gaming sections blend well. There were only a few times that we felt that a platforming element or puzzle was kind of shoehorned in to mix things up. The progression of the story coupled with the different mini-games felt natural, on the whole. This is the type of game that the younger crowd will find highly engaging, while older gamers can get pulled in, too.

Graphically, Tintin achieves high marks as it truly approaches a cinema quality look that can be difficult to distinguish from early Pixar films. The game is broken into a number of lengthy chapters that take our group from one location to another, keeping a steady action-oriented pace that doesn’t allow the gamer to get comfortable or bored. The cut scenes are outstanding and the voice work is also well done, which is usually one of Gameloft’s lowlights. Unfortunately, character mouths don’t move consistently with the voices, which tends to pull us out of the story just a bit. Indicators appear on-screen to alert you to interactive gaming elements, which include tapping and swiping. A joystick gives you control over Tintin’s movements and viewpoint, which isn’t as clean as the viewpoint controls used on most Gameloft titles. Stealth and sprint buttons affect the character’s speed, a crucial component of many scenarios. You can also activate motion controls that allow you to use the gyroscope at certain points in the game. There were instances where the controls were a bit problematic, such as jerky motion when rotating puzzle pieces in the Extras section or some occasional unresponsiveness with the joystick or on-screen gestures. These minor annoyances didn’t do much to diminish our enjoyment, though.

Replay value is somewhat low, as with all adventure games. Once you learn the puzzles, the enjoyment derived from your first play through takes a serious dive. We also experienced a number of crashes that caused some frustration, as they would render the last several minutes of gameplay moot. A universal app on holiday sale for $4.99, The Adventures of Tintin is an outstanding 4.5-Dimple offering to delight the masses.

The Adventures of Tintin Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-12-29T00:50:43+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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