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NFL Flick Quarterback Review
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NFL Flick Quarterback, the latest sport to get the afterflick treatment from Full Fat Games, is now available from the app store. Coupled with a small number of similar game modes and a fun 3D QB perspective, NFL Flick Quarterback is a quirky and casual entry into the sports genre.

NFL Flick Quarterback Pros:

  • Terrific graphics and smooth animations with realistic player motions
  • Simple flick controls with afterflick capabilities
  • Multiple game modes
  • GameCenter provides global leaderboards and achievements

NFL Flick Quarterback Cons:

  • Fairly light on content, most game modes are training or tossing balls into barrels
  • Afterflick not as well utilized as in previous Full Fat releases
  • Controls exhibit some unresponsiveness

The four included modes offer just enough variation to keep things interesting, though only one incorporates AI players in actual in-game scenarios. Playmaker sees you trying to hook up with a single WR while avoiding a handful of defenders who are milling about. A colored ring under your receiver indicates his openness with either a red or green color. When he’s open, a simple flick from the QB in the direction that you want to throw will unleash a pass. Swiping left, right, up, or down while in transit will affect the trajectory of the ball. If you lead him properly, you can score a perfect pass bonus. Additional bonuses include touchdown bonuses and consecutive catch bonuses. Any combination of 3 incomplete passes, interceptions, or sacks will end your effort. Wind effects and the inclusion of more defenders will add difficulty as you progress. Your final score contributes to an overall achievement level, moving from rookie to MVP to veteran and beyond. Trick Shot mode tasks you with tossing footballs into barrels, while Trick Shot XL gives you the opportunity to explode barrels to progress through the mode. There is also a Basic Skills mode where you can hone your abilities.

NFL Flick Quarterback has a terrific graphical style on par with Full Fat’s previous releases. You can customize you QB’s skin tone, number, jersey name, and team. Weather and day/night effects are present to add some visual pop, though they don’t seem to affect gameplay at all. Animations are fluid and the AI is pretty intuitive. Though you can’t control the receiver, he goes after and catches most balls, even laying out for a few. There are a few jump balls and close calls that we thought he should have come down with, but you can’t catch them all. Despite access to the great afterflick controls, they don’t seem to hold as much importance as in the golf or soccer options. Once in a while, they can mean the difference between an INT and a TD when used properly. The extra screen real estate of the iPad seems to allow for more leniency when tossing the ball, as slight variations in line direction aren’t as costly. The soundtrack is upbeat, matching the game’s intensity. The swipe controls are easy to use and fairly responsive, though we do have to re-swipe on occasion when our initial movement doesn’t quite register properly.

Replay value is fair, though this title is simply not as compelling as previous releases. At its core, it’s little more than a reskin of Paper Toss with gridiron elements added for visual flair. The inclusion of stats relevant to your chosen team that appear on loading screens is a cool addition, though it can be quite difficult to figure out what exactly they are conveying based on the format of the text. GameCenter integration provides global leaderboards and achievements for comparison against other gamers. At $2.99 (or $4.99 for the HD version), NFL Flick Quarterback is a bit overpriced for the level of content, though it remains a decent 3.5-Dimple timewaster.

NFL Flick Quarterback Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-12-03T14:04:09+00:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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