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Rocket Riot Review
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Rocket Riot, an arcade shooter developed by CodeGlue and published by Chillingo, is now available from the app store. Featuring fully-destructible environments, unlimited ammo, and a bunch of interesting power-ups, Rocket Riot easily overcomes its quirky controls to provide a fun and exciting experience.

Rocket Riot Pros:

  • Destructible pixelated environments
  • Multiple modes, power-ups, and character skins
  • Energetic soundtrack
  • Multiple control schemes
  • Crystal integration for leaderboards and achievements

Rocket Riot Cons:

  • Controls can be a bit quirky
  • No multiplayer options

When Captain Blockbeard escapes imprisonment via a Shawshank-style hole-in-the-wall, he plans to exact revenge on the local townsfolk by removing all of their legs. A scientific breakthrough allows the legless to utilize a screw-on jetpack of sorts to regain lost mobility. Coupled with his trusty bazooka, our hero vows revenge upon Captain Blockbeard at all costs. There are 48 single-player levels to work through, each using one of a handful of modes. Deathmatch tasks you with destroying all of the other jetpack-enabled minions of your archnemesis. Destroy The Object requires you to fully destroy all instances of a certain type of object, like gigantic work boots. Rugby Riot sees you wending your way through the level to take possession of a ball and return to the starting point where you’ll need to kick, or shoot, it through the uprights. The variety keeps gameplay fresh and offers plenty of opportunity to unleash a volley of rockets, creating colorful cascades of pixels while reshaping the landscape. The carnage will often uncover power-up boxes that impact gameplay in both positive and negative ways. Some boxes allow for multiple rockets or give you homing capabilities. Others cause your rockets to behave erratically or draw rockets toward yourself. There are 20 in all. Success is measured by a bunch of metrics, such as speedy completion of the objective, efficient use of firepower, and more. Each level is scored on a 3-Rocket system, with point thresholds that need to be met for each subsequent rocket.

Graphically, Rocket Riot employs a terrific blocky retro style that lends itself well to the gameplay. Character movements aren’t quite as smooth as we’d hoped, but this is more a function of the control schemes than the game itself. Level completion results in a satisfying momentary slow-down that highlights the final kill shot. The levels themselves are themed, featuring pirate ships, warehouses, chips, mansions, laboratories, and more. Each set concludes with a fun boss battle. There are also an addition half-dozen extra levels to play. The soundtrack is arcade-y and pleasant, and the sound effects enhance the gameplay nicely. There are 3 control options, with the default using left-side swipes to move and right side swipes to control direction and power of rocket launches. A second option adds a virtual control stick to the right side, requiring aiming and power to be contained to a smaller area. Tilt controls can also be used to move your character around the boards, though this is only available for the smaller-screened devices.

Replay value is terrific, as you can always improve upon previous scores and the destructible nature of the game is so enjoyable. You can unlock and select new characters to play as, and Crystal integration brings leaderboards and achievements into the fray. Our biggest gripe is simply that this type of game really cries out for some multiplayer functionality, but there is none to be found, nor does there seem to be evidence of additional content or modes headed our way in the future. A universal app for $0.99, Rocket Riot is a solid 4-Dimple stud.

Rocket Riot Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-11-20T20:23:18+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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