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RPM: Gymkhana Racing Review
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RPM: Gymkhana Racing, an arcade racing game developed by Blue River S.A. and published by Bulkypix, is now available from the app store. With a focus on drifting and burnouts, don’t expect a NASCAR experience when you don your driving gloves and put the pedal to the metal.

RPM: Gymkhana Racing Pros:

  • Detailed environments full of wacky objects
  • Multiple objectives per course
  • Cinematic replay system
  • Upbeat techno and electronica beats
  • OpenFeint integration for leaderboards and achievements

RPM: Gymkhana Racing Cons:

  • No music during races
  • Loose controls make it difficult to stay out of the walls
  • Gameplay grows boring and repetitive quickly

RPM: Gymkhana Racing contains 5 worldly environments and 25 courses to enjoy. Each course has multiple objectives, ranging from simply finishing the course and racking up a certain number of points to drifting over lighted/marked sections and spraying paint puddles on walls. Vehicles handle very loosely, making it easy to powerslide around turns and pull 360s like nobody’s business. Unfortunately, this also makes it difficult to keep the car from careening into walls repeatedly or getting stuck on barriers. There is no head-to-head racing or multiplayer options. You’ll instead be challenged to make great time while figuring out the best way to meet your goals and earn enough stars to unlock other locations.

Graphically, each environment has a unique look, offering a good amount of detail and tons of weird and wacky elements that add character to the game. Shading and lighting effects also provide terrific visual enhancements. The most enjoyable aspect of the game was the replay feature that used multiple camera angles to offer a cinematic experience. The soundtrack features upbeat techno and electronica tracks while not in-game, though the actual racing drops the music in favor of sound effects that felt weak and annoying, a definite missed opportunity. Controls appear on-screen once the timer begins, which was very annoying as it caused us to scramble to find the buttons while under the gun rather than preparing ahead of time. Left and right arrows on the left side and forward and backward arrows on the right are all you need to control your vehicle. There are also full wheel and half wheel options if you prefer these controls.

Replay value comes in the form of re-racing tracks to snag missed stars and attempting to rise up the OpenFeint leaderboards. There are also a number of achievements to earn along the way. The racing simply got boring and frustrating after a very short while, and many of the tasks were repetitive and not all that difficult to complete. While some may find these mechanics exciting or fun, it just didn’t strike the right chord with us. RPM: Gymkhana Racing will set you back $2.99 for a universal app that limps across the finish line with a 3-Dimple score.

RPM: Gymkhana Racing Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-11-19T02:42:58+00:00 rating 3.0 out of 5

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