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Greed Corp. HD Review
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Greed Corp. HD, a fascinating new turn-based strategy game from Invictus Games and Vanguard Games, is now available from the app store. Featuring last man standing mechanics, Greed Corp. HD brings out the inner Machiavelli in all of us.

Greed Corp. HD Pros:

  • Polished presentation
  • Jazzy soundtrack
  • Tap-based controls for building and moving units
  • Lengthy campaign and multiplayer options
  • Leaderboards and achievements to earn

Greed Corp. HD Cons:

  • Multiplayer connection difficulties
  • No social gaming network integration
  • Learning curve may turn off casual players

Greed Corp. HD’s storyline informs us that after a period of intense land harvesting and devastating quakes, there is little viable land left in the world. Four greedy corporations compete for the remainder, in the hopes of retaining at least a smidgen of terra firma while leaving the opposing groups with none. Each plot of land is a hexagonal column of varying heights comprised of multiple layers. Armories must be built to create Walkers, which are the main units used to defend your plots and capture unoccupied plots, as well as plots owned by competing corporations. You can build up to 8 per turn, but created units cannot be used or moved until the following turn. Walkers are eliminated in 1-for-1 fashion, meaning that each attacking walker destroys and is destroyed by a defending walker. Their movements are limited unless utilizing a carrier, which greatly increases their range. Actions can only be carried out if you have enough credits, which are received at the beginning of each turn or by harvesting layers of land within range of special buildings. Harvest too much land and you’ll find yourself in danger of the plot crumbling beneath you, losing any units placed upon it. As a tactical move, you can also self-destruct your harvester, wiping out surrounding plots including those owned by other corporations.

Additional defensive tools, like Cannons, can be used to launch ranged attacks on opponents, destroying a small number of walkers and reducing the plot by one layer. It’s a potentially devastating attacker, especially if the targeted plot is critical. When the opposition is left with no walkers or buildings, you win. There is a strong risk-reward element that has you choosing between harvesting the land, which also weakens your survivability, or attacking with units that can be obliterated and leave your pristine plots defenseless. The game offers the ability to play as any of the 4 factions through a Single Player Campaign or via Multiplayer battles. Single Player encompasses 4 chapters with 6 maps in each. Multiplayer contains 36 maps playable between 2-4 players of local human, online human, or AI origin. Three difficulty levels allow you to customize your AI opponents to meet your skill level.

Graphically, Greed Corp. HD has a polished presentation, utilizing lots of colors and a Steampunkish style. Battle animations are cool, and the land-collapsing mechanics are especially enjoyable. Buttons adorn the left screen side for switching between building units, self-destructing, loading & firing cannons, and more. Info pertaining to each team is in the bottom left corner. The soundtrack has a great jazz vibe that we really dig. Moving the walkers requires you to tap a source plot and tap a target plot. Swiping the number slider determines how many walkers from the group will be moved. Tapping the target tile again confirms your move and the actions play out on-screen. Panning is accomplished by swiping your finger around the playing area, and pinching allows you to zoom in or out for a better view.

An interactive tutorial walks you through the finer points of the game, giving you a good basis from which to build your knowledge and strategy. This is important, as the learning curve may be a turn off to more casual players. Multiplayer looks like a blast, be we were unable to find any competitors online. The lack of GameCenter integration or the ability to seek out friends likely contributes to this issue. There are leaderboards and achievements to earn, but they are handled locally. Replay value is terrific, even if for the campaign alone. An iPad-only offering for $4.99, Greed Corp. HD is a solid 4-Dimple strategic affair.

Greed Corp. HD Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-11-10T01:15:46+00:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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