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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Review
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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, the third iteration of Gameloft’s Modern Warfare-inspired FPS series, is now available from the app store. Packed with tons of improvements, including sharper visuals and even more players in their outstanding multiplayer offering, Fallen Nation bring the iDevices even closer to emulating their console brethren.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Pros:

  • Great visual presentation and relatively lag-free gameplay
  • Crisp, clear audio with decent voice acting
  • Multiple control schemes including standard Gameloft setup
  • Gameloft Live! integration syncs multiplayer progress across devices

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Cons:

  • Weak AI in Campaign
  • Some server issues
  • Reports of losing progress in multiplayer mode

MC3: Fallen Nation includes a 13-mission single player campaign and an online multiplayer mode that now features 6 vs. 6 action across a half-dozen maps utilizing a half-dozen combat formats. Your enemy this go-round is the fictional KPR group (a Korean, Pakistani, and Russian conglomerate), who you’ll fight across several environments while performing a slew of activities. The first mission has you infiltrating a building, retrieving some intel from a computer, and high-tailing it out of there. The intel contains information about the group’s next target, so the baddies won’t let it go without a fight. As you clear area after area in an attempt to create a safe LZ, you’ll need to use an RPG to take out a bridge, demo a wall by detonating a bomb, take charge of a turret gun to clear a field of enemies, and use another RPG to drop an enemy helo from the sky. This, of course, takes place in-between firefights with waves of enemies doing everything in their power to ensure your demise. And that’s just the first mission…

In this version, Gameloft allows you to earn blue or gold tokens that can be used in either single or multiplayer modes to purchase temporary advantages. Generous save points prevent you from having to replay too much of any level in the event that you are left to twist in the wind by a surprise assault from the KPR. Enemy AI isn’t brain-dead, but there were several instances where foes might run past and not bother to accost us. It’s an unfortunate shortcoming, but not wholly unexpected. Of course, that just made the moments when an injured foe would lay dying on the ground, continuing to take shots at us,  pleasantly unexpected. Slo-mo headshots make their return, offering instant gratification in a cinematic way. Aim Assist is also present to take the hassle out of laying sights on the enemies.

As much fun as the single player option is, Modern Combat’s online multiplayer is the game’s big draw. You’ll get the opportunity to engage others in Battle (aka Deathmatch), Team Battle, CTF, Manhunt, Zone Control, Destruction, and Bomb Squad. Most of these options are team-based, so you’ll get the opportunity to cover for your mates as well as return the favor. As in Black Pegasus, success in combat allows you to earn Experience Points and move up the ranking system, gaining access to better and more powerful weapons, cool attachments, additional equipment, and helpful skills that allow you to run faster or heal quicker. Plenty of extras are available, too, like C4, mines, radar jammers, and much more. Maps offer plenty of room to roam as well as take cover, giving you a sporting chance. Kill chains reward players with powerful abilities, and customizable kill signatures are also available to rub salt in your opponent’s lethal wounds. Some server issues may impact your ability to enjoy the matches, but when things remain stable, it’s a ton of fun.

The presentation is outstanding, with highly detailed environments and lengthy levels to wend through. It’s one of the more immersive experiences we’ve had in a game of this caliber. Things can get quite hectic on-screen, and it can be easy to overlook the obvious route to follow. Gameloft includes a white diamond that indicates where to go or which action to take, such as follow, detonate, move, etc. A distance indicator may accompany this, too. For the most part, animations were very smooth and fluid, despite the amount of action taking place on-screen. There are multiple control schemes to choose from, but our favorite uses the whole left side of the screen to move, the right side to aim, and a small fire button in the lower right corner to shoot. The ironsights button in the right corner and the crouch button in the left corner are easy to activate when needed, and a melee button will appear when you get close enough to an enemy. A grenade button allows you to toss a few explosives and the upper right corner contains the weapon button, which can be swiped to swap weapons or tapped to reload. All buttons can be moved and resized via the customization option that virtually eliminates potential player complaints. The in-game audio is clear and full of gravelly orders and profanity, as expected.

Replay value is outstanding based on the great multiplayer experience. Though fun, the single player campaign is largely without reason to return, save for replaying a level or two, or attempting to best the baddies on a different difficulty level. Gameloft Live! integration allows you to switch from device to device while maintaining your online stats. A universal app for $6.99, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is an action-packed 4.5-Dimple stud.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Review, reviewed by Kevin on 2011-11-03T01:13:33+00:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

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